WeedoVerse, a P2E weed-growing Metaverse game, is going to launch its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in September 2022. The long-awaited event presents an opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts, NFT, crypto, and the gaming community to win massive rewards.

The team has set aside over $75k in WeedoPeeps NFTs and Game Utility Token to celebrate the milestone. Here’s the breakdown of the prizes to be won:

  • 3 X Legendary WeedoPeeps worth $15K each
  • 5 X Epic WeedoPeeps worth $3K each
  • 10 X Rare WeedoPeeps worth $1K each
  • 10 X Alpha WeedoPeeps worth $500 each
  • 5 X $10,000 $WDV worth $500 each

The WeedoPeeps NFTs

WeedoPeeps are the NFT collectibles of WeedoVerse! There are 1,000 handcrafted WeedoPeeps, featuring over 240 unique traits. These NFTs are also the game’s IGO (Initial Game Offering). Which means that they allow you to hold some collectible that will give free Game Token during the IDOs and give you access to purchase more of them at preferable prices! 

The WeedoPeeps collectibles is used as well as a membership for real life events and pre-access pass to be the first ones to play the game launching in Q1 2023. But more importantly, these 

$IDOL, the High-Dol

WeedoVerse’s DAO governance token, aka the High-Dol (IDOL) with a total supply of 500,000 minted IDOLs will have it’s IDO first round on Monday 19th of September. the IDOLs are the most valuable tokens of WeedoVerse as they give you access to a pool where 15% of the metaverse and game’s revenue will be redistributed.
The IDOL will also be the Token used to purchase real Cannabis Product in WeedoShops Metaverse.

$WDV, The Weedough

WeedoVerse already has its utility token—the Weedough ($WDV). The total supply is 250,000,000 minted $WDV will have it’s IDO first round on Monday 17th of October. Weedough prizes is already being distributed through giveaways and the WeedoVerse’s Discord server economy, allowing members of the community to start earning money before the IDO just by chatting and playing games!

In order to participate at the High-Dol IDO, you must own a Legendary (Company) or an Epic (Individual) WeedoPeep. The Legendary WeedoVerse is the most valuable character in the WeedoVerse collection of NFTs. The Legendary WeedoPeeps NFTs possesses 0.25% of the total DAO token supply or 1,250 IDOLs and give you as well a WeedoShop Priority Access. The Epic WeedoPeeps possesses a 0,02% value of the total DAO token supply or 100 IDOLs.
There are only 40 Legendaries and 250 Epics and many of them are already taken. 

About WeedoVerse

WeedoVerse is a P2E metaverse game that allows cannabis enthusiasts to grow their weed just like they would in real life. But it isn’t just any P2E farming game, WeedoVerse’s goal is to revolutionize the P2E scene, making the game playable for everyone that joins, making the interface as simple as possible. And allowing players to PLAY, CHILL, EARN!

WeedoVerse runs on the Solana blockchain, allowing hundreds of players to play simultaneously and enjoy inexpensive transactions at lightning speed. But the end goal is to have a seamless cross-chain and cross-metaverse experience for all users, uniting the GameFi community. 

Discussing the Weedoverse NFT Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah noted: “It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons with their NFTs. We are truly excited to share the Weedoverse NFT project and explain its fundamentals to our readers. We are certain that we will have be mentioning more about this NFT venture in our subsequent publications.”

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