PlutusFi Trading Bot Makes Trading Easy & Simple

PlutusFi serves as a social liquidity platform, empowering influencers, projects, and enthusiasts. PlutusFi rewards influencers for sharing expertise, enabling people to learn and invest using automated and streamlined trading tools. PlutusFi aims to promote wealth in the cryptoverse by operating on the crypto market. 

PlutusFi provides a variety of features that facilitate cryptocurrency trading. Some notable ones are Trading Bots, Liquidity Bots, PlutusVision, and NFTs. PlutusFi’s Trading Bot makes trading easy and simple, enticing investors to invest. Some of PlutusFi’s cool trading features include:

BUY and SELL Indicators. The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates dramatically, even within minutes, due to their incredibly volatile nature. PlutusFi has a BUY and SELL indicator that can help you maximize profits. The Buy (green dots) and Sell (red dots) parameters are displayed according to the current strategy, allowing users to easily follow the bot’s behaviour.

Stop Loss. PlutusFi lets traders set stop loss percentages (%), with the bot placing an EXIT order once the percentage reaches a certain price.

Relative Strength Index. PlutusFi has an RSI indicator to measure the speed and change of price movements based on recent gains and losses. The indicator is primarily used to identify overbought and oversold trading conditions.

Backtest Strategies. The PlutusFi platform allows traders to backtest their strategies and place bot orders without collateral or margin. This feature allows users to execute operations on down-trending markets. Once the backtest results succeed, users may be confident enough to test the setup with live trades.

More Automations. PlutusFi’s automated trading platform allows users to trade over 300 crypto assets to achieve the best results. Bots can be used to invest in cryptocurrency markets that trade 24/7 worldwide.

Market Sentiments. The PlutusFi Market Sentiments feature lets investors observe market conditions. This is the real-time price of the famous “crypto fear and greed index”, which measures the market’s mood. A meter ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 representing “Extreme Fear” and 100 representing “Extreme Greed”. The market data used to compose this index comprises volatility, volume, social media analysis, and bitcoin dominance (10%).

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, discusses the potential of PlutusFi, “a new ecosystem of wealth and collaboration in the crypto world. At PlutusFi, their team is committed to providing traders with the best possible market and product information. The new bots created by the PlutusFi team will enable traders to gain maximum profits from cryptocurrency trades.”

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