Pylon Eco Token, DeFi Governance Deflationary project with plenty of ecosystems used in daily life trying to bring mass crypto adoption globally, Supports Open-source developer community with Guaranteed Fund. 99 Million tokens to release in 4 years.

“Our goal is to bring mass crypto adoption globally through our wide range of ecosystems used in daily life; further we want to accelerate development by open sourcing the ecosystem projects.”

“By working with Platinum Crypto Academy, we aim to offer our DeFi Governance and Deflationary combo experience to their users around the world along with the value growth on their investments in a single token.” says Ashok Gautam, Co-founder and Authorised Representative from Pylon Fintech.

– DeFi Governance Deflationary Project with Guaranteed Staking Incentive Rewards

– Georgian team launched 99 Million DeFi Governance Deflationary Project

– DeFi Governance Deflationary Project with Supporting Open-Source developer community fund

– DeFi Governance Deflationary Project burning tokens in every transaction. 

– 99 Million DeFi Governance Deflationary Token launched with 4 years to release all.

– Highest value innovative DeFi Governance Deflationary launched.

– DeFi Governance Deflationary project will bring mass crypto adoption in people’s daily life globally.

Pylon Eco Token is a DeFi Governance Token, with the benefit of Utility Token, Security Token & CryptoCurrency. It is Deflationary, also provides Staking Reward & Guarantee Portfolio backs it. It is used in plenty of our Open-source ecosystem projects in Daily life. You can own our token and participate in deciding the future of the project.

With the increase of crypto usage, which ends the country’s borders and government control over our finances, we would like to offer you our token that can be used for the daily purchase of products or services worldwide.

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We have plenty of ecosystems that can bring together products and services which we are using in our daily life globally.

From Mobile Topup & Gift Cards, Travel (Hotels/Flights) booking, E-commerce, Auction, Gaming, Crypto wallet & Exchange and Payments & Cards solution. These diverse online businesses and open source ecosystems provide significant leverage to use our tokens and make a profit at the same time.

We plan to distribute 9 million tokens as referral incentives, airdrop and for marketing projects.

The company will reserve 10 million tokens as a liquidity reserve.

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In the stakeholder ICO phase, we release 40 million tokens and later, we intend to distribute 10 million tokens in the Private and Pre ICO phase and 20 million to sell in exchanges. We have already completed the stakeholder and private ICO phase. It is expected to complete the Pre ICO phase soon.

Only less than 10 million tokens left before listing to exchange. 

Per transaction fee, open-source community development funds, staking incentive funds and burning of tokens to be determined by voting.

25% token is released every year in linear (very less chance for pump and dump). The release starts after the first exchange listing.

We are honored to announce that PETN(Pylon Eco Token) will be listed for their first exchange on XT.COM. PETN/USDT and PETN/BTC trading pairs will be open in Main Zone. Please stay tuned for the schedule of deposit, withdrawal, and trading.

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Commenting on the potential of the Pylon Token project CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah said: “Pylon Eco Token is a DeFi Governance Token with the benefit of a Utility Token, Security Token & Cryptocurrency all rolled up in one and also providing Staking Rewards. We are pleased to discuss this important project and hope to share more about its journey in the coming weeks on our future Cryptonaire Weekly Editions.”



  1. 99 Million total supply which will be around 98 Million before the ICO phase is complete.
  2. DeFi Governance Token provides the benefit of Utility Token, Security Token & CryptoCurrency.
  3. Deflationary Token by Burning in every transaction.
  4. ICO Token are all Buyback Guarantee.
  5. Guarantee Portfolio backs the ICO Tokens.
  6. Cross Chain available in Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20)
  7. Having the biggest ecosystem, used in daily life to bring mass crypto adoption.
  8. Handover ecosystem to the open-source developer community.
  9. Open-source Community developer fund secured from every transaction.
  10. Staking Incentive Reward fund secured from every transaction.
  11. 10% token spend on referral incentive, marketing and Airdrop from the total supply.


– Transaction fee %.

– Burning of Tokens %, from the transaction fee.

– Open Source projects community development fund %, from the Transaction fee.

– Staking Incentive Reward fund %, from the Transaction fee.

– Selection of project to Invest, from the net-profit of Guarantee Portfolio.

– Investment Amount fund to decide on a selected project to Invest in.

– Stop the process of Burning tokens when they reach total supply.

– Minimum balance in the wallet.

– Daily/Yearly unlocking % of the token.

We want to see you onboard to decide the future of the project !!!

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