QuizArena, a Learn to Earn gaming platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Cryptonaire weekly. This partnership will see QuizArena use the Cryptonaire platform as a  strategic media partner where the magazine will feature information and news about the platform while informing the public about this gaming platform.

Explaining what’s impressive about the innovative approach of the QuizArena project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah said “QuizArena is the Ultimate Blockchain Quiz Battle, where you can earn tokens and learn all about blockchain simultaneously! At Platinum Crypto Academy we are glad to have introduced our readers to such a brilliant initiative. I’m sure we will have more from the QuizArena project for our readers.”

Cofounder and COO of QuizArena, Kevin Kum, said this about this partnership:

“We are introducing a new twist on the blockchain gaming ecosystem:  free Learn to Earn is definitely a game-changer and using blockchain to deploy our games at QuizArena will position as a leader in this space. This partnership with Cryptonaire weekly and Platinum trading academy should introduce more people into the block chain gaming ecosystem.”

QuizArena is a blockchain gaming platform that adopts a unique approach to gaming called to Learn to Earn games. This approach involves players competing with other players on quizzes that will be sent to them via tournament. The players on the platform will be awarded with tokens for free as they learn more about blockchain and gaming. Some of the reasons that promoted the developers of QuizArena to pursue this model are: First, the game-fi ecosystem has multiple platforms that are using the same model. Therefore, there is a need to have a platform that seeks to use a different model to gain new players. Secondly, the cost of joining gaming platforms is kind of high for new players who may want to take part in it. Having a free Learn to Earn model where players are rewarded with NFTs for taking part in the quizzes is an ingenious model that will bring blockchain to the fore.

The name QuizArena is an inspiration on two names: Quiz and Arena. The quiz can be defined as a set of questions based on a specific field, this can be in the form of puzzles. Arena on the other end is an entertainment venue where people can come and get entertained from the competitions that are hosted. Therefore, this explains the general model behind the quiz arena platform. It is a platform here people can come and take quizzes while at the same time take party in competition hosted in the platform as they get entertained.

Kevin Kum had this to say about the name:

”So why do we pick the name “QuizArena”? Let us break it up into “Quiz” and “Arena”. “Quiz” is defined as the test of knowledge, and we can test one’s knowledge by asking them questions or the ability to solve puzzles. Hence, we can imagine QuizArena as the start of a new metaverse, where QuizArena is surrounded with many different games that test one’s knowledge. Then the word “Arena”, it reminds us of a place where individuals gathered to challenge each other and there will be spectators watching the battle. So QuizArena will be an Esport platform where players learn to improve their knowledge and battle it out with other players to see how much they have learned. We want to nurture QuizArena to be part of the Esports community, as there is a rise in trend in the competitive Esports scene.”

Learn to Earn games are the ultimate games that will be given to participants. Here the participants will learn about blockchain technology while at the same time earn tokens and NFTs from taking part in the games. The gaming arena is made up of three features, The first is free to play games. These games are free to play and gamers can play them so as to earn tokens. The second feature of the game is Player vs Player games. These are games where one player is pitted against another player. Players then wager tokens on these games and the winner get a chance to take the winnings. The third feature of games on this platform are tournament.  These are games that are organized by the platform. Winners of these games are given a chance to earn tokens and they will be listed on the leader board.

The platform is already working with a pool of strategic advisors and partners across multiple fields. Some of these are Byte Venture, Chainless Ventures, Pool Ventures, Cyclic ads, MCV group and now the latest entrant, Cryptonaire weekly.

The team behind the development of this platform are made up of successful individuals who’ve excelled in various professions. The CEO of the team, Robert Ho, is an expert in the financial and tech industries. He has over five years’ experience in the financial field. The COO of the team, Kevin Kim, has over four years’ experience in project management and has successfully initiated multiple projects in the tech sector. The gaming development team is led by Daniel Quan. He is a blockchain developer and solidity programmer with over 3 years’ experience.

The CEO , Robert Ho, had this to say about  the team members of the platform:

“The QuizArena team is made up of brilliant and enthusiastic Blockchain, software, and gaming experts that are working together to create the leading QuizFi ecosystem to support their vision for the Learn-To-Earn gaming.“

QuizArena token will run on Binance Smart chain. The gaming software that will be used for building these games is Unity Software. Unity was chosen as an ideal gaming software because it can create games for both 2D and mobile gaming . This software is also supported across multiple platforms, has great customer support, and has in-depth documentation. This means that in the event of any hiccups, it would be easy to track and resolve them on time. Binance Smart chain was preferred for smart contract deployment because it is cheaper than Ethereum Blockchain. It is also compatible with Metamask and can be easily scaled -BSC can handle up to 55 transactions per second.

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