Radiologex Technologies and Cryptonaire Weekly are proud to present R-DEE®, the only enterprise-focused medical blockchain project with a fully built, ready to deploy product and network. With always-active proprietary security features, this project’s ecosystem provides Health IT for healthcare providers and practitioners the world over, from any device. Radiologex’s high-speed interoperability network answers the call of the global pandemic that has driven the increased digitalization of healthcare, and revealed widespread system breakdowns and inefficiencies. 

R-DEE immediately solves many of the issues plaguing global healthcare, and impacting patient outcomes: R-DEE eliminates manual data errors, unsecure system penetration, identity/access/and trust, and streamlines communication and collaboration between providers.


R-DEE is the only ZERO-TRUST™ built technological architecture available in Health IT, designed by healthcare professionals and blockchain experts to eliminate redundancy and dangerously unsecured legacy systems. Radiologex Technologies has teamed up with their partner Trusona, backed by Microsoft Ventures, to develop a third and most potent layer of R-DEE’s advanced user-identification gateway dubbed “Authlogex.” Through blockchain technology, this 3rd tier adds a strong firewall for security and tampering by enabling any extra node deployments for rapid strike data/login replication and adds audit trails for data access, a vital missing capability in enterprise health IT systems.

Accenture reports that the reputational damage created by lapses in cybersecurity will imperil at least $300 billion of lifetime patient revenue in the next five years alone. R-DEE users are provided with the ultimate security in one ecosystem, including detailed and verified control over who views, accesses and shares their data, allowing for microlevel controls and tracking which vastly increases the speed of disseminating this data. 

R-DEE’s added productivity suite adds modules built for encrypted communication, content streaming, medical systems management, payment settlements, and a reliable and transparent supply chain (R-DEE Marketplace) with verified users and products for global medical supplies and equipment. 


R-DEE is a collaboration and productivity suite built upon a vast distributed content delivery and data storage network. Built from the ground up for next-gen, borderless medical and healthcare interactivity for the $20 trillion Global Healthcare industry.

R-DEE has been in development for several years, undergoing an array of stress tests to ensure that its infrastructure is as robust as possible. The ecosystem has been positioned as an enterprise-focused medical blockchain project that isn’t patient-facing, unlike the overwhelming majority of medical blockchain products and projects under development which cater strictly to Telemedicine or Patient Health Records. R-DEE’s infrastructure ensures that sensitive data can be shared in real time through a military-grade, dual-end encrypted messaging platform, delivering 8 powerful modules to answer the needs of modern Global Healthcare.

Karnav Shah,  CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Radiologex project, he explained ” Radiologex is unveiling a one-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art HealthIT and SaaS (Baas) solution for the $5 trillion Global Healthcare industry which continues to increase dramatically year on year The Radiologex Digital Encryption Environment (R-DEE)® is currently one of the most talked about medical blockchain network in the crypto circles. Project’s like Radiologex Technologies are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.

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