Zug, Sept 30th 2021 – RMRK Association – the steward and main developer of the world’s most advanced NFT protocol – announced a launch of the RMRK Hackathon on Devpost with a prize pool of $50’000 plus valuable NFTs.

The hackathon, in partnership with ecosystem heavy-hitters like PAKAPhalaPoCoCoD1SignumIllusionist GroupSubsquid, and AMPnet, is meant to expand the NFT ecosystem on Dotsama (Polkadot and Kusama) by building on top of and around the RMRK protocol and its tools and products.

The categories, each of which has a $10000 prize pool along with NFTs worth around ~$5k each for each winner, are:

-Data Cruncher: for good analytics, dashboards, rarity tracking tools, and more

-RMRK Rewrite: for help with rewriting RMRK to EVM and/or Rust code

-Kanaria: for tools, products, and apps built around RMRK’s flagship Kanaria project

-Tools and Apps: for anything else that builds on top of or around the RMRK protocol

-Free-for-all: a wildcard category that covers anything not covered by the above. From NFT egg funeral homes to video games and even standalone NFT projects, anything goes.

The judging will be done by the RMRK core team.

Additionally, the community will be the judge of a single community-favorite project. The members of the team who win this prize will be given a legendary NFT compatible with Kanaria birds. As a reminder, such items with a limited supply (up to 30 copies) have in the past gone for 24 KSM (~8000 USD).

In addition to technical categories, the Hackathon features two non-technical categories as well:

-Non-technical: creating visual assets, art, stickers, wiki, this is a free-for-all non-tech category that will be judged based on merit, effort, and output.

-Designathon: a competition to expand the Kanaria universe by designing an item wearable by the Kanaria birds. Winners of this category will get this item minted, added into the official Kanariaverse, and earn royalties from sales on these items, forever.

The hackathon is open for submissions throughout all of October, and anyone is welcome to join, barring the usual geo restrictions.

An additional $1k special prize will be awarded by Subsquid.io for the best submission utilizing Subsquid/Hydra for data ingestion, indexing or processing. The winner also receives non-fungible glory and eternal respect in the Subsquid discord. More info on Subsquid is in the Hackathon’s Resources tab.
Talking about the announcement, RMRK’s Founder Bruno Škvorc stated, “Platinum Crypto Academy has the reach we need to get into the hearts and minds of developers and creatives worldwide. With a next-gen NFT protocol available to everyone, the sky’s the limit and PCA is helping us reach it!” 

Talking about the RMRK App, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah says “It’s exciting to hear about the launch of the RMRK Hackathon on Devpost with a prize pool of $50’000 plus valuable NFT. We are truly excited to share the Hackathon rules to our readers. We are certain that we will have more information about the RMRK Project in our subsequent publications.”


The RMRK protocol is a system of NFT Legos which allows developers and designers to build composable, equippable, multi-resource NFTs which are multi-chain by default by virtue of being launched on Kusama, the center of a multi-chain universe. The NFTs can visually change based on other NFTs they own, but these NFTs are also eternally liquid and forward-compatible in that they can be made equippable by unrelated future projects that aren’t even planned yet.

Their flagship project, Kanaria, is a live demonstration of one such project, with NFT birds being able to wear and use other NFTs that are, in turn, compatible with an infinity of other completely unrelated NFT projects. In its first month of life, Kanaria alone turned around 5 million USD in volume, with the most expensive item being sold for 1250 KSM ($400,000 USD).

With RMRK tokens in the hands of the community, the protocol is now truly to NFTs what Ethereum was to Bitcoin – a paradigm shift that takes a single thing’s single use-case and inifinitely supercedes and augments it.

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