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Rowan Energy Is revolutionising the way solar power is rewarded in the Uk with the world’s first community-supported green energy blockchain. Rowan Energy is building a series of Energy focused apps that bring the Energy Market into the 21st Century, decentralising and digitising a traditionally archaic industry.

Up until now, Rowan customers have been able to use the Rowan Energy website to signup, generate a wallet and at the same time hold their private key. If you lose your account, you create a new account and import your wallet using the secret passphrase.

It was important to us that the user owned their private key, and that our dashboard was just a tool to reach their wallet.

But the Rowan team also felt it was important that as they were not just another erc20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that it would earn further trust and transparency if its early adopters could hold their tokens off our platform an on 3rd platform.


Ankerpay is Multi-token wallet available on both Android and IOS. You can also buy and sell crypto on this wallet, but this feature is not yet ready for RWN.

Ankerpay is a South African established in 2018 firm with a primary focus on distributed ledger technology and building cryptocurrency and blockchain products and services for emerging markets. AnkerPay ecosystem includes AnkerPay wallets, ATMs, POS terminals, Anker coin, and blockchain identity solutions.

The ecosystem provides a range of products and services that are a perfect fit for individuals, small or large businesses looking to accept or integrate cryptocurrencies.


Rowan Energy is developing a mobile app that includes wallets for its energy customers and expects this to be ready before September

The Rowan Energy APP will be a portal for our energy customers to check production, Carbon saved, Rowan Energy tokens(RWN) earned and balance on their Rowan Debit card.

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