Rowan Energy announces live user-trials of its home renewable energy rewards program.

The market growth In the UK is tremendous for Rowan Energy, there will be over 10 million solar units installed on buildings by the end of 2020, and the total solar capacity will increase to 15,674 MW by 2023. Also, the global blockchain energy market is projected to reach £5.44 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 78.32%, and the European region is predicted to capture the largest market share.

Rowan Energy From September, 100 users will be on-boarded to the platform in a user-trial, bringing home solar-generating users massive returns compared to current market offerings.

Each participant will be issued a Rowan Smart Miner, for free, to be connected to their existing hardware.

Rowan Energy customers will also be given access to the platform and the new mobile app to allow them to track the progress of their rewards, issued in the form of Rowan tokens (RWN).

One of the most exciting aspects is that this is a blockchain-based project, utilising custom mining hardware and software, being rolled out to non-technical home users.

This will not only prove the financial viability of the project but also that blockchain as a technology can be designed with the UX required for wide-spread adoption.

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