It’s been just over a week since our last Rowan energy update and wow things have been busy at Rowan, with some great strides ahead, both in terms of technology and the price of RWN on exchanges.

Over the coming weeks expect to see & hear more as the project continues to push forwards.

Rowan price jumping as we gear up for user-adoption.

Over the last few days, we have seen the price of RWN (available on Vindax & LAtoken) jump up as investors start to buy in before the launch of the 100 user trial in September. I took a screenshot last week of the RWN price and it was up 1000%+ over 7 days. Those who have been following this project with us will be feeling very pleased with themselves.

This follows the (expected) sell-off as Rowan completed the planned airdrop of tokens over the last few weeks.

While the price will continue to jump around, we should see it gradually increase as we onboard users and they start to be rewarded for producing their own REC’s.

In particular, the buy-pressure on the market should be fairly constant as they purchase the tokens to reward Rowan Energy participants at the rate of ¬£0.25 in RWN per 1kwh of renewable energy they produce.

With the average UK household producing 20kWh per day, even 100 users will create a lot of token movement!

Rowan has also seen an increase in the number of users adding their RWN into the Rowan vault where they earn interest, creating further demand on the limited supply available through exchanges.

Very interesting times ahead for the price and it will be great to look back in a few months and see how much it has changed!

Rowan Energy Update – Android app live in the Play store!

If you don’t have a native mobile app are you really even a business in the modern world?

Rowan’s app is live now in the Android play store and lets users log in to store, transfer & buy RWN.

The app lets people hold their RWN tokens, as well as buy them in ETH, BTC & USD.

As with all good crypto wallets, when you first open it and create the wallet it will provide you with a string of random words.

These are the recovery phrase & if you lose your phone they are the ONLY way to recover your wallet!

You have the power, but with great power comes great responsibility!

Rowan Energy Update – Looking for partners to buy the tokenised REC’s

As soon as the first batch of users connects their Rowan Smart Miners to their home solar they will be mining 1kw tokenised carbon offset certificates.

With the 100 users in the trial Rowan is expecting to average 2000 kWh of REC’s daily, so are now looking for a partner to take advantage and purchase them.

Rowan Energy Confirms Major Update Of 100 User Trial Is On Schedule For

This Month

No software matters unless it is used in the real world, and blockchain technology is no different.

For some time now Rowan’s 100 user trial run in UK homes has been planned, and it is going ahead on schedule.

Each home in the trial will be fitted with a Rowan Smart miner, which will track the amount of energy they produce and “mine” 1kwh tokenised carbon offset certificates.

These will automatically be transferred to Rowan and the producing home will be rewarded in RWN to the value of £0.25 per 1kWh cert.

This is an extra payment and feature they haven’t been able to take advantage of before and sits in addition to, not instead of, any other payments the user received previously.

Not only does it enable home solar to become the viable financial option with a much better ROI it has needed to be for so long, but it also enables companies looking to offset their carbon a new source of the certificates.

The Rowan Smart Miner is ready to go into homes

The Rowan Smart miner is the key piece of hardware connecting home renewable energy producers to the Rowan solution.

Built on a Raspberry Pi custom hardware stack, running a special hardened version of Linux, it is authorised by master nodes to mine the carbon offset certificates which create the new form of income for renewable energy producers.

Small, light, discreet and able to clip onto existing wiring, it is ready to go live into the 100 trial user homes.

As soon as it is, those homes will start producing their own REC’s for the first time, and being rewarded accordingly.

Rowan Energy – Partnership with Limtz for a co-branded debit card announced.

As the Rowan Energy trial comes closer (launching this month, September 2020) Rowan are announcing a partnership with Limtz

This card will allow users who have earned Rowan Rewards through their home renewable energy generation to cash out their points, easily, and quickly.

Each home using roof-top solar generation and connected to the Rowan Smart miner will automatically be paid for the tokenised Carbon Offset Certificates they produce, based on the amount of energy they are creating.

These payments will be made to them in RWN, the listed token of Rowan Energy Blockchain, to the user’s wallet.

The Limtz partnership creates the missing link, enabling users to easily cash out their reward tokens as they see fit for whatever they want.

This process ensures that users are finally being fairly rewarded for the renewable energy they produce, and reduces the onboarding and technical knowledge required, compared to them having to openly trade RWN on the listed exchanges

To find out more visit or

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