There is no doubt that the crypto space is evolving every day. SafeOne Chain is working on its innovation and is currently working on an ISPO (initial stake pool offering). This is a new, lucrative way for investors to earn rewards by supplying the platform with liquidity. 

Safeone has also recently released their OTC yield farms. These yield farms come with high APR rates and can be checked out at their portal:

SAFO-Bills is a new form of yield farming where investors can supply liquidity and earn from it through staking. In this type of yield farming, the tokens are not bought in a DEX but from the team via an OTC (over-the-counter trade), with half of their purchase being paired with purchased tokens to create an LP token and the other half going to the team. 

SAFO-Bill is also simply a SAFO-WBNB LP token. To start off with SAFO-Bills, an investor needs a BNB. The contract will then handle the entire process, i.e. receiving the BNB, deciding on the tokens received, staking the LP token, giving rewards then burning the LP tokens at the end of the farm duration. 

Once staking starts, one can immediately begin to earn staking rewards. The staking will occur during a duration in the farm where the SAFO-Bills will be locked. Once the time is over, one can unstake to redeem their SAFO-BIlls. They will then get back the initial BNB they invested plus profit. Investors can unstake before the farm ends, which attracts a penalty, a percentage fee of the SAFO-Bills. 

The contract collects the regular ‘yield farming’ trading fees that LP tokens receive, which the team collects at the end of the farm.

The company already has a dual staking pool and an OTC yield farm to make yield farming even better. 

Why an ISPO?

An ISPO is an innovative way for crypto companies to raise money where investors stake their cryptos and get rewards. It originally started on the Cardano blockchain, where investors would delegate their tokens to their favorite projects. Developers set their terms; typically, a margin will reward investors with their utility tokens. 

SafeOne Chain is planning to use the funds from the ISPO for project onboarding on its future blockchain, providing LP and development funds. 

It is working on introducing multi-chain staking contracts and ISPO funding. ISPO and OTC yield farms solve the challenges investors and projects face in the bear market. 

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