The German SME, Intelligent Fluids GmbH (IFC), located in Leipzig, is ready to bring on companies to support its green chemistry product line. The company has thus launched its project called Smartchem, which aims to create an eco-friendly environment. This project addresses the issue of environmental pollution by implementing safe, solvent-free cleaning and stripping methods. 

Smartchem provides solutions to an environment that are stable and sustainable!

  • Dermatologically approved and pH neutral
  • Up to 67-80% energy savings
  • Biodegradable and reduces consumption by 70%
  • ⅔ energy reduction, non-inflammable, no ATEX required
  • Optimised and reduced the number of steps in the process to reduce costs
  • No identification of hazards
  • There is no need for high operating temperatures
  • Water-based and thermodynamically stable
  • Compliant with all regulations & future-proof

What is Smartchem?

Smartchem uses physical effects instead of toxic chemicals to offer industrial cleaning services that are fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Intelligent Fluids combine a great deal of performance with an extremely low environmental footprint. To encourage industries to switch to green chemistry from harmful solvents, the company launched SMACs as utility tokens. SMACs are created using Ethereum smart contracts and are ERC20 tokens.

Smartchem was awarded the Imagine Chemistry Award 2019 and the Global Green Product Award 2021. In addition, HERAEUS Electronics announced Intelligent Fluids (Smartchem) as its CHAMPION Accelerator for 2021. Smartchem beat over 1,800 global competitors for this honour.

With Smartchem, functionality and sustainability are no longer incompatible!

This project is currently listed on, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, compliant with EU regulations. Additionally, you can buy SMAC from Uniswap, Coinsbit, PancakeSwap, and STEX.

Cryptonaire Weekly’s Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Karnav Shah, said, “SMAC is a unique cryptocurrency project that supports the adoption of a green environment. According to market research, no other cleaning company has developed a similar project, and Intelligent Fluids (SMAC) are looking superior to their competitors for cleaning and stripping. Since the SMAC supports green chemistry, you might consider investing in it.”

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