SMAC Token and Its Amazing Features

Intelligent Fluids® GmbH, a German DeepTech company offering Green Chemistry , launched their own cryptocurrency: SMAC Token. Intelligent Fluids (Smartchem) provides fast, environmentally friendly and safe industrial cleaning without using toxic chemicals. Through the creation of SMAC tokens, users can easily support and participate in environmental friendly projects. Smartchem reduces CO2 emissions by more than 50%, saves up to 60% energy cost and reduces cleaning material compensation by up to 70% in industrial cleaning.

SMAC Token: Amazing Features

Tokens you can trade. The SMAC Tokens are utility tokens, which means they can be used to transact with utilities. Moreover, the token can be exchanged for digital and fiat currencies using centralized exchanges.

The use of green chemistry. Using the SMAC Token, industries will be able to switch from harmful solvents to green chemistry. Using green chemistry will reap greater rewards for companies that implement it faster. It will push the global industries to change to green.

Excellent growth potential. The financial plan predicts a steady growth of the company revenues and values. Experts say that the token price of SMAC has skyrocketing potential. within 2-3 years.

Provides support to NGOs. With Smartchem, you can donate to a number of environmental projects, such as Whenever you redeem Intelligent Fluids through the Smartchem platform, you will automatically donate $0.10 per liter to

A sustainable token. SMAC Tokens are sustainable tokens because they can provide the cleaning industry with efficient and sustainable solutions. Smartchem growth is going to disrupt industrial cleaning, thanks to its innovative solutions in the chemical industry. Companies like INFINEON, RF360, PHILIPPS, WÜRTH, HEIDELBERGER DRUCK and many more are already clients.

Why should you use SMAC Tokens to purchase from Intelligent Fluids?

  • SMAC Tokens have no fees and are easy to trade on crypto exchanges.
  • Great opportunity to get significant discounts on fluid purchases as a reward for a change to Green Chemistry
  • Contribute to ecological projects like and to 10 SDGs of the UN
  • Transparency and speed in trading plus fallback option
  • Ease of use for a cryptocurrency with great potential.

Smartchem bridges the gap between functionality and sustainability. Intelligent Fluids will provide an era of solvent-free stripping and cleaning that meets 10 UN goals and complies with EU regulations for chemical companies. The company also won the HERAEUS Electronics Accelerator 2021 and received the Global Green Product Award 2021 for circular materials and the Business Hero Award 2022. This green digital Impact coin is listed on and soon on one of the largest and most reputable exchanges for cryptocurrencies globally.

According to Cryptonaire Weekly’s Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Karnav Shah, “SMAC tokens are eco-friendly digital tokens that use green chemistry and offer numerous benefits to investors. Furthermore, Intelligent Fluids facilitates fast, transparent donations to different nonprofit organizations by utilizing SMAC tokens. Taking part in the token sale will allow you to contribute to one of the most exciting chemical projects to emerge today.”

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