Solidus AI Tech is Launching their Meta Battlebots NFT Project

Solidus Ai Tech, an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency company, is launching their Meta Battlebots project. 

As earlier rumoured to drop Meta Battlebots in the month of July is no longer a rumour and it is finally here allowing Metaverse and Play-2-Earn projects to purchase high-performance computing power and Ai services through the company’s native token, AITECH. 

Meta Battlebots, a collection of 10,000 NFTs, have based their attributes on US Military rankings. With the Battlebot’s rarity trait, Battlebot holders will be able to gain early access to the Play2Earn game that is currently under construction in the Metaverse. In addition, participants who participate and win battles, will be able to earn extra tokens for their victory as well as gain an added advantage of receiving discounts on possible upgrades in the game.  

To ensure outstanding performance and functionality of the Metaverse, Solidus is building a multiplayer 25km2 cutting-edge 3D/VR Metaverse Play2Earn/Play2Burn shooting/FPS war game in Unreal Engine 5. Players in the platform Metaverse will be able earn AITECH tokens by simply partaking in the game. These AITECH tokens can then be used in the platform market place to buy more weapons & skins that will upgrade their Battlebot.

Presently, it is a key feature that includes Peer2Peer battle rooms where individuals or teams can place their AITECH tokens into a smart contract and the winner takes all. It is not just about playing for fun but about playing to earn. 

Solidus will take 20% of the tokens whereas 10% of the tokens will be sent to a wallet and burned every quarter. Another 5% of the tokens will go back into the ecosystem to further develop the game and 5% will go back into the game to reward players.

Using the latest Ai Technology, Solidus Ai Tech is incorporating state-of-the-art computing centres and military grade encryption to provide outstanding gaming experience.

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