The global subscription e-commerce market growth was valued at US$ 13.23 billion already in 2018 and is still rapidly growing (in many countries at the 100% a year rate). The transition to a subscription based economy additionally accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which made us stay at home and introduced many to the digital economy.

Subme is a project which aims to disrupt the current state of market by introducing the possibility to subscribe to everything from physical products to charity donations or investment opportunities. While doing so, Subme.Cash wants to additionally become your personal management center where you can unsubscribe and subscribe to your favorite services such as Netflix, Spotify or Photoshop while being crypto friendly. The project already raised $1.5 M in the private and public sales and is awaiting it’s last $600 000 public sale on 29th of June. Whitelists are open on


Most of us struggled in some point of our life with the unsubscribing to an online service. The companies, often unethically, don’t want to us unsubscribe from their service. Subme.Cash wants to bring back control to the people, so they can manage their subscriptions in one place.

The other way that Subme wants to change the subscription market as we know today is to provide a way for customers to subscribe to real life products and services. One of the problems of today’s world is lack of time, and being able to receive products on a recurring basis could help to save a lot of it. This is why Subme will allow delivering products such as wines, coffee or superfoods on a recurring basis. This model of sales is not only beneficial to the customer but also the retailers as they mean constant revenue streams which are more predictable. Subscription also provides higher average customer lifetime value, and brand loyalty, which is build over time. 


The heart of the Subme ecosystem is $SUB token. It is given to the Subme customers in the form of the cash back. From the investor standpoint, $SUB token is a chance to have an exposure to the Subme sales revenue as 5% of it will be quarterly used to buy back $SUB tokens from the market! The last chance to get Subme tokens before the listing is to join the whitelist at Subme.Cash and provide your BEP-20 address. The last public sale is only $600 000 with limited space (whitelist lottery).

Karnav Shah CEO of Platinum Crypto Academy & Cryptonaire Weekly expressed “It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Subme. Subme helps us to change the way we think about subscriptions and how to order physical products, services as well as saving up and donating to charities. We say look forward to the upcoming edition of Cryptonaire weekly to find out more about Subme subscribe everything.”

“We are happy to be featured on Platinum Crypto Academy” says Bogusz Kończak CEO at Subme. “We need to create strong partnerships with companies involved in the crypto market. Subme is the essence of partnerships, we aim to help companies and people stay connected, using services they love!”Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article for further coverage please check out our Crypto Blog Page Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.

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