Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a hot topic in the market right now, but it is still far from reaching its true potential. ALOHA is a progressive London-based company developing an exciting suite of products perfectly structured to tap into the true potential of DeFi, featuring an ecosystem designed to provide users with as much earning potential as possible, and focusing on ease of use, seamless usage of tokens, cross-platform functionality, and easily realisable compounding of gains.


The ecosystem comprises the following:

– Aloha DAO – where users participate in the governance process and determine platform changes

– ALOHA NFT’s – Unique assets that operate on a themed seasonal basis. NFT’s can be used to participate in the DAO, as well as to sell/swap or to hold and receive exclusive opportunities for early participation in future events, such as the upcoming SHAKA token launch.

– Aloha Wi-Fi Mobile App – Allows users to earn ALOHA by sharing their mobile hotspot and IOT (Aloha walkabout)

– Marketplace (launches in July 2021)

Users can spend rewards earned at local and national Aloha affiliated retailers

– Aloha 4 Business (goes into beta testing in July)

Retailers have the option to accept Aloha as payment for services, collected Aloha can be used to pay for targeted advertising to the Aloha community via the marketplace

– Academy

Coming in July 2021 – The Academy has been developed to help users that are new to crypto to be able to get the best out of its platforms

– Shaka farming

The new SHAKA token is built on the Polygon network, which reduces gas fees and transaction times. SHAKA also has a supply cap of 100 million tokens. Shaka has been created to enhance the Aloha Ecosystem and offer more DEFI services to its community.

Martin Regan CEO at Aloha says;

“Aloha has already come a long way since inception, and the addition of the DeFi elements has taken it to another level, enabling us to engage with a far wider community and become part of the exciting DeFi world. We are now well placed for the next step-change in our development, and both I and the team are extremely excited to take Aloha to the next level in our journey.

I fully believe that Aloha will generate significant opportunities for growth and stakeholder value as we continue to develop our business model, and I look forward to keeping the community appraised of developments.”

Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly CEO Karnav Shah expressed, “It’s exciting to provide exposure for a company like Aloha DEFI which is the gateway to the DeFi world with NFTs, staking, and a DAO platform that utilizes NFTs. The Platinum Crypto  Academy looks forward to working with Aloha DEFI on providing maximum exposure to the crypto community.”

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