The Funganomics® Ecosystem was sparked into existence with a single idea from a Blockchain visionary. 

Founder & CEO Jeremy Roberts of the London based company explains that the company is comprised of talented and passionate Blockchain, software and gaming experts who are collectively building the premier NFT ecosystem, designed to support their vision for the future of NFTs and Play To Earn (PTE) Gaming. 

Each member of their team is working relentlessly with the same vision and for the long term benefit of the Funganomics® community. One collective vision, within one common Funganomics® motto, written aloft every company white board; ‘We get to do this for them’!

The Funganomics® Ecosystem merges Digital Collectibles and PTE NFTs. 

At the epicentre of this Ecosystem is their next generation NFT platform Fungatopia to integrate their technologies both present and future. Visually Fungatopia features fresh, crisp aesthetics and has an easily navigated comprehensive marketplace that has an inherent and unique back-end versatility ‘future proofing’ the business; addressing features and functions that fully support the future of NFTs and NFT gaming.

Fungatopia is an integral component within the overall ecosystem, designed to reward its investors, Community Members, collaborators and partners while helping artists and brands scale quickly and easily within the NFT space utilising Blockchain technology.

Funganomics® brings together NFT digital collectors and PTE gamers from across the world via FGS Games with Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (FUS) being their premier game offering in development. 

FUS will represent the very first in a line of high-engagement PTE games with a Combat genre. The 8 debut characters presented during the initial drop will have varying numbers available for minting. Collectors or PTE gamers will be able to categorise and collect their NFTs or sell them for cryptocurrency via their custom built marketplace or externally. This give a flexibility to NFT commerce seldom seen with other products.

Funganomics® say they will continually introduce new products & services to support the mass adoption of Blockchain technology into general society. As such, they will endeavour to be both creative and diligent in their approach to provide their Member Community with robust content via the ever-evolving and improving Funganomics® Ecosystem.

“ We will always seek to develop and introduce new products into the NFT space adding innovation for collectors and NFT gamers with new and exciting levels of engagement” says Funganomics® CEO.

When asked what opportunity Funganomics® presents for early bird investors, Roberts  commented: “Being involved in a ground breaking NFT/ PTE Gaming platform just prior to launch could be tantamount to those that adopted Bitcoin in the early stages. That’s simply where the magic happens”.

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Funganomics project, he explained “A Project like Funganomics which is designed to reward founding community members, investors, partners & collaborators is really exciting. We will make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels. Do look forward for more information on Funganomics which we will share in our upcoming weeklies.”

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