The way that NFTs are evolving means that so is everything we thought we knew about commercial and legal ownership. It began with the crypto punks, and now it’s getting serious. One of the major players in the real world asset tokenization field is about to launch their first token on the BSC network, and it’s got a lot of people talking.

OMNIA DeFi are made up of a young and fresh largely Danish, but also diverse team with backgrounds in banking, derivatives, legal services and general entrepreneurialism and of course a strong team of in-house developers. That’s how to date they’ve managed to gain
commitments for an impressive $500M worth of physical assets to secure with their real world asset tokenization platform.

The first half a billion is but a drop in the ocean with regards to the long term aspirations of OMNIA DeFi. They are looking to follow a 30 year plan which will see a large proportion of the planet’s physical assets become tokenized, and eventually fractionalised. Soon, those who wouldn’t have anywhere near the capabilities to do so, will be able to purchase small portions of some of the world’s finest relics, artworks, and real estate.

OMNIA are launching with a presale on the 1st of september at $3.43 and will then launch on PancakeSwap on the 5th of September at the price of $5.88. They will launch their first of three types of tokens, this set being a general governance token. You can find out all about the tokenomics of these tokens on the website. It’s worth noting that there are now very few projects launching with as little as 10 million tokens (max supply) meaning that the demand for tokens over time could make those who buy early very happy hodlers indeed. Without going into too much detail, hodlers will also be rewarded for not selling their tokens via means of a 15% static reflection. For one of the first times ever, rewards will be put out in a token of the holder’s choice. You can read more about reflection here.

If you’re interested in following the OMNIA DeFi journey a little closer, you can visit their website for more info, or follow them on Twitter for more real time updates. Any questions or concerns about the project can be also be raised in their official Telegram group, which is managed 24/7 by friendly, helpful administrators, who please remember will never message you first! On the launch, the founder Raki Brown had the following comment to make on the upcoming milestone: “We’ve worked incredibly hard for two years and grown as a team to get to this point. It’s the first step on a great journey with much more to come as we link Omnia DeFi into our greater Createlinx ecosystem and work towards Mundus Novus 2050”. It’s certainly set to be an exciting week for the Omnia community which is not only growing fast in numbers but also in asset collections and anticipation for what is set to be a launch to remember for all of those involved

Karnav Shah, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Omnia DeFi project, he explained: “With Omnia DeFi, you can tokenise to gain liquidity or buy into any asset worldwide. It helps Omnia token holders get passive income in USDT by simply keeping their tokens in their wallet. Project’s like Omnia DeFi are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

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