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Rowan Energy launches their token RWN on two exchanges, to bring a cryptocurrency to the market in a different way. The current system for rewarding households for their rooftop generated electricity is uneconomical and prehistoric in its design.


Currently, there is no way to track the energy generated by a rooftop solar panel back to its generation source. Using blockchain technology to encourage green energy is not viable due to the incredible amount of energy it takes to mine and validates transactions.

Our platform will allow users to sell their energy peer to peer with other consumers bringing in immediate payments and at a much higher rate. This coupled with energy certificates increases the income for solar owners by more than 70% By using our custom-built blockchain platform, consumers will be able to know when, where, how, and how much electricity was generated. How much was consumed on-site and how much was fed onto the grid We have a proof-of-authority blockchain that is low-powered and low-carbon. Validation servers can be hosted by our partners and regulators, as well as on our infrastructure


Rowan Energy thinks that the traditional route to market for tokens whether it is an ICO, STO or IEO has no future. Raising funds pre-project has an unfortunate past in crypto, which means that many good ICOs raise minimal funds.

Instead, they have opted for the approach of building a product first list on exchanges and then make credibility and build a community around your ideas, achievements, and deliverables. For a more detailed introduction to the Rowan Energy company please take the time to view our recent article on  HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SOLAR PANEL MONTHLY PROFITS.“

On the 1st July Rowan will launch on two lesser-known exchanges, VinDAX and LATOKEN. With five pairs in total across two exchanges, you will be able to trade BTC, ETH or USDT with RWN as a pair, with a lunch price of $0.45 per RWN.

Rowan Token (RWN) is an ERC20 token based on the Rowan Energy POA Blockchain a side chain off Ethereum. The Smart contract will issue a set number of pre-mined tokens for distribution to early adopters and supporters and to be sold during the LATOKEN Initial Token Offering. to support the community ecosystem while the platform is being developed. Only 45 million RWN coins will ever be available.


We will as business make our money by facilitating the trading of Renewable Energy by charging a transaction fee for both certificates and energy trading. This is likely to increase to 18 million transactions per day within 5 years, bringing Rowan Energy into profit within 3 years. Each trade of energy will take place over the public exchange driving demand up as well as the price.


Rowan Energy has reserved 2 million RWN tokens for its vault feature available to the first 2000 Rowan customers. Tokens saved in the Rowan Vault infrastructure will be subject to a dividend payment between 0.1% and 0.2% per day


Using our custom made low powered hardware token validators will earn tokens for verifying transactions on the blockchain. Investors can also buy Rowan Token initially through our internal platform and LATOKEN exchange later through further public exchanges.


Rowan is planning further exchange launches this year in conjunction with the launch of their first product.

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