Wise Token is pleased to announce an unprecedented community response to our contract’s token sale that started on November 11 and lasts until December 30th. Over 14,200 ETH has been sent to reserve Wise ($6.7 million) and the amounts sent in each day continue to form all-time highs.

It is clear to us at the Wise Foundation that after a Summer of crypto rug-pulls and scams, the community is hungry for an honest project with sustainable tokenomics.

Wise token has been in development since December 2019. It’s 100% complete, audited by Coinfabrik, and has no admin keys, or anything that would threaten it’s completely decentralized nature.

Wise leverages massive liquidity on Uniswap, using a whopping 90% or more of funds to create the WISE/ETH pair, then locking that value into the market forever by burning the Uniswap LP tokens. This creates a market big enough to onboard large investors without pesky slippage and creates an unbreakable price floor; something not found in other crypto projects.

If you are looking for the wisest place to invest your crypto, reserve some WISE on thewisetoken.com.

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