World Mobile Token (WMT), a utility token which is built on Cardano’s blockchain and the sharing economy announces their token generation event (TGE). The company aims to raise 40 million USD within the first five weeks of the public sale on top of the 5 million USD it has raised privately. 


World Mobile Token rewards stakers or delegators for connecting the unconnected and banking the unbanked — starting in Africa. With nearly 4 billion people left offline, digital exclusion is a significant problem.

The company’s utility token will power the World Mobile ecosystem, empowering people across the developing world to run and operate the network and gain access to basic necessities, such as digital IDs, healthcare, and education.

Unlike traditional telecom operators, the World Mobile Network is run by the people for the people, so anyone can become a network operator and share the rewards. Together with IOHK, World Mobile and the World Mobile Token will deliver a revolutionary scalable network in Africa and beyond.

World Mobile Token believes in digital inclusion, self-data governance, environmental sustainability, decentralised identity, and financial empowerment for all. To find out more visit:

Participants can now create their private vault and complete KYC. Participants will be notified when they can enter the queue and purchase tokens with ADA, BNB, BTC, DAI, or ETH. Participants will need a Cardano address to make a purchase and will have 24 hours to do so. 

Globally 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked, according to the World Bank. Despite many of the technological advancements many of us take for granted, most traditional banks require a manual onboarding process and rely on credit bureaus to verify client identity. These manual, in-person procedures deny many demographics from basic services, such as the ability to open an account, apply for a loan and mortgage, or obtain access to other financial opportunities. 

The World Mobile Network aims to bring sustainable connectivity to communities, in Africa and beyond, through the WMT sharing economy. The company will sell affordable network nodes to local business owners and implement blockchain-based digital IDs, in turn empowering the African continent with greater economic freedom, digital inclusion, blockchain adoption, and connection to the Internet.

The World Mobile Network already operates in East Africa. Starting with Tanzania and Kenya, the company aims to bring sustainable connectivity to communities through the sharing economy. WMT will power the World Mobile Network ecosystem, allowing users access to digital IDs, decentralised banking, healthcare, and educational institutions. 

“The launch of our native utility token on the most promising blockchain out there really pushes our vision forward,” says RJ Katunda, CXO Africa of World Mobile Token Ltd. “WMT will fuel our ecosystem to empower thousands to obtain access to basic necessities including identification, education, banking and other fundamental services.”

The CEO of Platinum Group and “Cryptonaire Weekly Karnav Shah expressed, “It’s extremely exciting to share World Mobile Token — a utility token built on Cardano’s blockchain and the sharing economy. Stakers or delegators are rewarded for connecting the unconnected and banking the unbanked — starting in Africa. The Platinum Crypto Academy looks forward to sharing more with the crypto community in the upcoming edition of Cryptoniare Weekly.”

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