Ledger is the world’s top cryptocurrency hardware wallet services provider, confirmed to have raised a whopping $380 million in its Series C funding that concluded earlier this month. With the exploding popularity of top digital tokens, hack-proof safe storage of crypto assets has been the utmost concern of all crypto investors and traders globally. Over the past six years, delivering on its promises, Ledger has emerged as a brand synonymous with the “ most secure crypto storing device.”

What started in 2014, as an initiative to provide cryptocurrency users with affordable and easy access to secure their digital coins offline in a hardware wallet, has already sold over 3 million wallets and sits on a 1.5 million active subscriber base on “Ledger Live,” which is another Ledger product that adds advanced features and functionalities to your hardware wallet. Users can install their favorite crypto apps on their ledger device and also directly buy, sell or lend or stake tokens directly using the Ledger Live app.

Earlier in June, Ledger announced completing its $380 million Series C funding round. The event was a remarkable success. It was led by 10T and several other investors including Cathay Innovation, Draper Associates, Draper Dragon, Draper Esprit, DCG, Wicklow Capital and newcomers including Tekne Capital, Uphold Ventures, Felix Capital, Inherent, Financière Agache (Groupe Arnault), and iAngels Technologies.

Innovative Products On The Way

Ledger says they are planning a more robust and advanced solution that’s also lighter on the pockets of individual retail investors. In their latest blog, discussing the event, the top wallet services provider has confirmed it will be using the funds to “further innovate their hardware products.” they also said there are new products in the pipeline and will soon be releasing updates.

Explaining how the $380 million investment will be used, Ledger says they are actively researching and will be adding “new transactional services to Ledger Live such as decentralized finance solutions.”

Defi has witnessed exponential growth in the past 18 months. Reports from data aggregators suggest there are already over 1.2 million active wallets interacting with Defi protocols. With new additions to Ledger Live, the French wallet service provider is gearing up to tap further into an already growing market.

Without disclosing the names of its third-party associates, Ledger has confirmed integrating “third-party services” through the ongoing development of their proprietary OS.

The fundraising event is yet another testimony to the fact that Ledger not only reigns in the “cryptocurrency hardware wallet” industry, but a larger investor community is also confident of the company’s potential to disrupt the digital wallet market globally.

As they say, the ones who sold shovels made the most when mining was discovered; Ledger will be no exception. Its top-quality services are a bonus!

Karnav Shah Founder of Platinum Crypto Academy expressed “It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with a company like Ledger who have become the world’s top cryptocurrency hardware wallet services provider and has emerged as a brand synonymous with the “most secure crypto storing device.” Secure your crypto with the Nano X hardware wallet, then manage and grow it with the Ledger Live app. We say look forward to the upcoming edition of Cryptoniare weekly to find out more about The Ledger Live App.“

“By combining a hardware wallet with the Ledger Live app, Ledger is now a true secure gateway to the entire digital asset ecosystem.

We are very happy to collaborate with Platinum Crypto Academy to continue to develop the Ledger brand and to make it known to advanced crypto owners as well as to beginners.” Says Benoit Pellevoizin, VP Marketing at LedgerHopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article for further coverage please check out our Crypto Blog Page Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.

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