XmetaFans Launches an Immersive Virtual Reality Technology

XmetaFans has adopted virtual reality technology to establish an enthusiastic content streaming platform for its users in the entertainment industry in a decentralised finance ecosystem.

XmetaFans is a Binance Smart Chain based platform, committed to creating a secure and alternative income source for the online entertainment industry by monetising content and live performances in Full HD, 3D, 4K and VR formats in its ecosystem. The platform will provide a safe community for its users, including content creators, by providing a DeFi network. Thus, eliminating third parties and keeping the users anonymous.

XmetaFans has been designed with the needs of the entertainment industry in mind, and it aims to address them by providing users with affordable, legally-compliant and censorship resistance services. The platform is ideal for getting involved in the blockchain movement, considering its current conditions.

XmetaFans provides a fantastic user experience by incorporating VR, AR and other technologies like smart glasses and lenses. The platform has become more commercially viable as it has included haptic suits, Bluetooth sex toys, and a wide variety of accessories to its consumer base to establish a satisfying occurrence. 

Models can make explicit content using VR technology. Their fan base can purchase their content using crypto and live chatting, calls and get intimate with their favourite models using VR glasses. Also, the technology comes in handy for long-distance relationships, considering the platform creates an environment that feels real, enabling the partners to experience a complete immersion in their surroundings.

According to an XmetaFans paper, the platform will attract more users as it offers an excellent adult experience to its consumers on virtual reality for greater satisfaction. It provides users with a unique token that can be exchanged from other currencies to purchase NFTs and favourite content.

About XmetaFans

XmetaFans is a Binance Smart Chain based platform that utilises XMF as the utility token in its marketplace and launchpad. Its mission is to revolutionise the entertainment industry via the DeFi ecosystem. For more information, visit https://xmetafans.com/.


Email: contact@xmetafans.com

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