In recent years, professional gaming has been gaining traction. Not just as a form of entertainment but also as a viable source of income. However, only a handful are benefitting from the innovation.

Meanwhile, the gaming space has embraced blockchain technology, causing a revolution in the sector. In a few years, there will be no gaming without blockchain. So, early adoption is an excellent way to reap the benefits.

Like ZiberBugs puts it: be part of the evolution – be part of the revolution! They’re encouraging blockchain enthusiasts to consider the gaming space a great long-term investment opportunity. Recently, ZiberBugs announced their plan to launch the platform’s prototype.

The prototype will come in handy as it will provide a clearer picture of their NFT-enabled gameplay. Once launched, the ZiberBugs community will be able to play offline through screen-sharing. Given the long bear market that has been the talk of 2022, ZiberBugs is confident that the prototype will provide an ideal environment to help boost its follower and investor base.

Players can earn tokens from the PVP arena. On the other hand, raids provide the avenue for obtaining in-game assets, as well as NFTs required for inbreeding. Stacking mechanisms are also in place through power-ups, promotions, boosters, and synergy bonuses.
Scalability and security are also assured, since the platform runs on Cardano—a reliable blockchain. As a result, users can claim and prove ownership of NFTs or tokens anytime, even into the faraway future.

Put differently, assets are ever secure, and not even the founding team can tamper with them. Assets can also be traded across multiple platforms. To reiterate, the best decision would be to be part of the evolution – be part of the revolution! ZiberBugs is a platform worth investing in and particularly for long-term benefits.

About ZiberBugs

ZiberBugs is a play-to-earn platform that runs on the Cardano blockchain. It’s compatible with PCs, tablets, and mobile handsets. Beyond fun, the platform features multiple investment options like NFTs and several stacking mechanisms.

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