3QualiTy: The platform simplifies charitable giving!

Several cryptocurrency philanthropists predict that cryptocurrency donations will surge in 2022. Donation systems based on blockchain technology can provide donors with increased control over their charitable giving and increased transparency into how their donations are impacting others. Additionally, blockchain-managed tracking can increase public confidence in charities by making it easier to monitor donations. By utilising crypto-philanthropy, the social sector may be able to generate millions of dollars more.

Transparency in the sector is also a goal of some of these new platforms, which leverage the underlying blockchain technology. Similarly, 3QualiTy provides a unique way to make cryptocurrency donations and earn rewards. Through donations, they ensure that crypto traders and holders will get the best return on their money. Throughout this article, we will look at the 3QualiTy platform in more detail.

3QualiTy helps donors easily donate to charities through a fintech platform. The digital token 3QT and the philosophy ‘Every Human is Equal’ enable charity and cryptocurrency to work together. Charity is a minority interest, no matter how passionate people are about it. Thus, to attract many people where each one can earn rewards for a good cause, the 3QualiTy team came up with a unique platform. When donating to this platform, crypto traders and holders will be able to enjoy the benefits of the platform while also viewing where they can make money through charitable giving.

The team behind 3QualiTy created the platform after critically analysing the disadvantages of popular tokens. 3QualiTy is designed in such a way that holders are not burdened with high transaction fees. Based on their analysis of several protocols, they have selected BEP20. They chose BEP20 for their platform because BEP20 offers the fastest transactions and lowest transaction fees.

3QualiTy is the number one crypto donation solution; a platform that allows nonprofits and charities to instantly raise funds through cryptocurrencies. By utilising blockchain technology, 3QualiTy increases accountability within charitable organisations. It can lead to a positive shift in the public’s perception of charities and encourage more charitable giving in the future. Here are some of the steps 3QualiTy took to improve the cryptocurrency experience with charitable giving.

Platform devoted to charities

“We are committed to working with registered charities around the world. The integrity of charities will be improved by establishing a transparent and rigorous authorisation process.” 3QualiTy aims to become the largest platform worldwide for donating to the causes you care about.

Partnerships with industry leaders

As part of its mission, 3QualiTy looks for partnerships with corporations to enhance their platform so they can do more positive things on a national scale. To boost their platform’s marketing, they have partnered with Cryptonaire Weekly, Pyramis Technology, Kindness For Soul ($KFSG), and many more. Additionally, they have partnered with Fireblocks to ensure the safety of their platform.

Store for selling merchandise online

Recent research has shown that worldwide donors are more likely to support local charities if they use charity merchandise. The promotion of charity with fundraising merchandise can dramatically impact how the audience feels about donating or participating in a fundraising event. To raise more funds for 3QualiTy’s main cause, they will be holding online sales of memorabilia, apparel, and other products. Their online store will offer a variety of merchandise, including T-shirts, mugs, shoes, apparel, and more. 3QualiTy has decided to donate 15% of its profits to charity through its wallet. You can access the Charity Wallets via the app.

Transparency Improved

Several charities have been mishandling contributions or misrepresenting the paths of donations from donors to end beneficiaries in recent years. However, 3QualiTy uses blockchain technology, which is a good solution to the transparency issues charitable organisations face. Crypto traders and holders will have an option to track every transaction in the cryptocurrencies market, no matter how big or small.

Worldwide Access

3QualiTy Treasure Hunt: Earn Crypto rewards

The 3QualiTy Treasure Hunt app offers users the chance to earn rewards by participating in donation campaigns. With Treasure Hunt, users will have an opportunity to acquire cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, 3QualiTy’s token, or any other currency set up by the management side. There will also be giveaways from their partnering vendors and sponsors, including 3QualiTy merchandise. 

You can see a list of all treasures on the map. After the user collects these virtual items, they will be turned into tangible items. Occasionally, the Treasure Hunt will feature special hunts, such as the Game of Clues. These  are just some of the features of the 3QualiTy Treasure Hunt. 

Free Give-a-ways

3QualiTy allows you to donate cryptocurrency to charity and grant a bright future to those living at a disadvantage worldwide. Donating to these causes will provide you with many rewards. To provide users with the best rewards for the Treasure Hunt, 3QualiTy is giving away free cryptocurrencies. Participants can play the Treasure Hunt game to receive passive income.

Earn money by staking

Staking may be a good way for you to increase the value of your coins. 3QualiTy platform offers crypto traders and holders the opportunity to stake cryptocurrency to earn rewards. Those who are staking have to lock their coins for a set period to earn rewards. By staking your 3QT tokens, you can earn staking rewards on top of your holdings and compound those future rewards to grow them further. The management console displays reward percentages and other terms like the shortest period and longest period.

Earn money playing games

A Game of Clues is also available as an alternative way to play the Treasure Hunt. The Game of Clues offers participants the chance to win large prizes. To enter this level of play, there will be an additional admission fee. All proceeds from this fee will benefit charitable organisations.

You must donate a pre-determined amount to the Charity Wallet using the donate button to participate. Until the donation has been made, the user will not be able to participate. Treasure Hunt players will have access to Game of Clues as an added benefit. Furthermore, visitors to the platform will be able to provide and request help within the mobile app. All requests for charitable contributions must be validated by an independent reading board, a volunteer committee that reviews all requests. The applicant must provide documentation proving the need for the donation.

Seed sale and private rounds

3QualiTy Goals & Give2Earn Mission Explained

3QualiTy Goals

3QualiTy’s main goal is to channel some of the wealth circulating in blockchain technology towards people who need assistance and organisations actively providing assistance and saving lives. To accomplish their main goal, 3QualiTy has designed a structure that will generate revenue through the sale of ads within the Treasure Hunt. 15% of profits from these ad sales will be donated to charity, with the rest going toward staff salaries, operations and website maintenance.

Give2Earn Mission

The goal of every crypto trader and holder around the globe is to make money. In today’s market, those in cryptocurrency are looking for a product with a self-sustaining revenue model. 3QualiTy is a sustainable platform that enables you to earn money while supporting a good cause.

What is 3QualiTy’s mission & vision?

There are many barriers to success for charities because of a lack of transparency, accountability issues, and a limited number of ways they can accept donations. With crypto-philanthropy, these organisations may be able to raise funds more efficiently and receive donations through decentralised and direct transactions. This approach provides fair opportunities in life by providing tools for mental wellness, independent living, and dignity.


Over the past few months, charities and donations have become a hot topic in the cryptosphere. However, the donation is not just a fundamental act of generosity. From crypto donors to registered charities, the governments of many countries offer generous tax deductions. The crypto market is expected to flourish as donations through digital currencies become more commonplace, and crypto-philanthropy will also grow in popularity. Through the 3QT token, 3QualiTy provides crypto traders and holders with a new charitable giving experience.

3QualiTy bridges cryptocurrency and charitable giving, while offering relief to multiple communities in need. Additionally, the company creates a platform where donors can access multiple revenue streams. The 3QualiTy token simplifies charitable giving because it eliminates all the issues in previous tokens. The project looks very promising since it offers many crypto rewards when you donate. It may be a good crypto buy, but you need to do your homework first.

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