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There is a constant increase in demand for the adult industry. The rapid use of the internet and the advancement of technology changed the industry to a certain extent. The adult industry is thought to be glamorous, a life full of leisure and pleasures, but no one knows about the hardships faced by the sex workers.

Although the workers are integral to the process, they are undervalued and their needs are not paid much attention to. They have to cope with differences and challenges in the industry. They often struggle to find the solutions to their grievances. Nevertheless, escort industries operate in this manner. Now, let’s discuss the various aspects of the escort industry.

The escort industry consists of the various agencies that provide escort services to clients and customers. During the booking process, a fee is paid to the escort agency and the other fees can be negotiated directly with the escorts. The escort agency serves primarily as an intermediary between the escorts and the clients, and facilitates the face-to-face meetings. The other processes are facilitated directly between the workers and the clients.

Considering the different legalities, escort agencies publish various advertisements in the newspaper for the purpose of hiring escorts. There is basically a list maintained for different kinds of escorts depending on their age and appearance, and the escorts are selected accordingly.

Coming to the amount of money that is earned by the escorts, it depends on various factors. There is a certain percentage paid to the escort’s agency and some for the house allowances, and the rest goes to the escorts. An independent escort might charge a different amount as no agency is involved in the process.

Introduction to bitcci life

The bitcci group was founded by Christoph Elbert in the year 2017 with the objective of transforming the sex industry and creating a positive impact on it. The aim of developing the bitcci platform was to address the global problems in the sex industry and offer them a holistic solution. bitcci takes all necessary measures and steps in order to improve the lives of sex workers.

bitcci’s purpose is to provide both sex workers and customers with a safe and protected environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas in a much more productive and efficient manner. 

The bitcci platform also examines the various issues that may arise in the adult sector with regards to the digital experience. These include the use of blockchain technology, and IT services. In addition to continuously innovating, bitcci life aims to develop innovative and creative approaches that, if implemented in the adult industry, could prove to be a digital revolution.

bitcci allows sex workers to offer their services via paid telephone calls, photographs, and video chats, among other methods. This is in order to create an environment that is safe and effective for both the sex worker and the client.

More about the bitcci platform

The bitcci payment system is phenomenal in its working. The bitcci platform has also launched its cash token. In many cases, cash transactions are difficult and may not always be available on time. In addition to offering cashpoints that can be used for transferring money to others, bitcci also eliminates the hassle of using cash only.

bitcci token store – bitcci has opened its first token store worldwide. Northern Cyprus is the location of the bitcci token store. This is because the people living there have a strong interest in crypto exchanges and there are many crypto exchange offices and a crypto investment culture prevails there.

Furthermore, bitcci’s main purpose for opening a token store is to promote and market its bitcci cash token. bitcci has the potential to change the sex industry for the better with its transparency, trust, and decentralisation features.

bitcci also offers an API system, which helps to connect all of its clubs, platforms and software applications. The bitcci API can be used by external business partners to make their own business profitable and eliminate the process of building their own system, which would be complex in nature.

APIs for the bitcci platform use modern technologies such as the REST architecture, https protocol, JWT-JSON web token, and Oauth2.0 authorisation, which is token-based. bitcci life is also looking forward to develop a robust AI system which would boost the bitcci ecosystem.

bitcci IEO listing – In addition to a revolutionary ecosystem, bitcci has recently completed its IEO listing. The IEO was set to begin on 1st March, 2022. To begin trading, bitcci will list its initial offerings on reputable and trusted exchanges. 

What makes bitcci the preferred solution for escorts?

For escorts, bitcci life is one of the most effective platforms. It is currently one of the preferred solutions for bitcci. bitcci has developed an ecosystem that integrates modern technology and the latest and innovative IT solutions in order to be able to operate more efficiently. bitcci also has a club known as the bitcci life club. Similar to other clubs, the club is also equipped with modern technology and is currently compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The kind of safety that the platform provides also becomes one of the factors for the sex workers to prefer bitcci. bitcci’s software is a forensic software that records the identities of workers and records the work of those workers. By using the bitcci software, regulators can access the real-time data of escorts and sex workers in a safe and reliable manner by connecting to an interface within the bitcci life ecosystem.

How does bitcci improve the lives of sex workers?

bitcci provides various offers and facilitates to its workers and thus helps in improving the quality of life. Starting with the comfort and lifestyle that bitcci offers, the following are the most sought-after comforts and grievances that an escort gets on the bitcci platform:

  • The worker has the option to choose the workplace.
  • There are flexible working hours, which could be chosen by the workers at their own will.
  • The workers can even select a client of their own choice.
  • The kind of services that a worker offers is also totally dependent on the worker.
  • In the attached bitcci hotels, workers are provided with a living area that is different from their workplaces.
  • There are no restrictions on any kind of movement; holidays are easily provided by bitcci.
  • There are also various kinds of offerings made to the workers like the sports offering, personal assistant services, textile services and other relevant extended services.
  • Whenever a worker earns an income through physical means, 100% of that income is paid directly to the worker without any commission being paid to bitcci.

The other packages and benefits offered to the workers are as follows:

All-inclusive package

Adult workers are an integral part of the business model of bitcci. bitcci does everything in its power to eliminate any problems that may arise for its workers. Additionally, to all the comforts and conveniences, bitcci offers its employees various self-determination programs to help them balance work and life at the same time.

Eliminates the communication barrier

Communication is the key in any organisation. Effective communication with the authorities in the organisation helps to achieve productivity and efficiency. Often, the sexual workers face problems communicating with the higher authorities for completing the various formalities and documentation required.

bitcci has a business model where this issue of communication is taken into consideration and various strategies is devised in order to neglect the barriers to communication. With bitcci’s automation tools, sex workers would be able to complete all kinds of documents, such as official registration, payments, and tax advice, in an organised way. This would be through their smartphones, which would be really easy for them to work.

Channel of marketing

As part of bitcci, workers are able to market their services through a well-organised and robust system. A portion of the service includes arranging for the agencies to have professional photographs and videos taken by the workers and then promoting their services. The workers can advertise their services either physically or digitally on the online bitcci portal.

Health management and security issues

bitcci provides the highest priority to the health of its sex workers. It looks after the minute details and provides various health benefits like health insurance, accident insurance, arranges drug counselling and telemedicine services also.

In addition to offering comprehensive health care, bitcci also pays attention to the next key factor, which is security. Bitcci’s buildings and accommodations have been constructed with the highest level of security, and the most modern equipment is available to assist the workers, both personally and technically.

bitcci provides debit cards

bitcci also issues bitcci debit cards to workers in order to participate more effectively in society. It was noticed that most of the workers did not have bank accounts and usually received cash payments. This limits their activity and kept them away from the modernised world.

Because bitcci noticed this issue, it provides bitcci debit cards, along with IBAN account numbers, which is licensed with fintech partners, and this is a significant help for workers.

Education and pension facilities

bitcci offers education and pensions funds to its workers, which is unlikely offered by any other organisation. bitcci has its own bitcci academy, where the sex workers can gain knowledge or training about anything that they wish to.

There are various training programmes organised by bitcci, which could provide training related to the client’s management, health managements, hygiene, sales, psychology, issues related to nutrition, work-life management, etc. Additionally, the company provides bitcci pension funds in cooperation with licensed financial service partners. This helps the sex workers to remain pain-free and secure for their retirement.


bitcci offers its workers the chance to market themselves on their own through the website. By making effective use of digitalisation, bitcci is enabling its workers to provide services globally through its website.

What are the main functions of bitcci ID?

bitcci ID is one of the plausible features of bitcci. The bitcci ID is the first identification and verification system designed for the sex industry. By using bitcci ID, all the documents and data of the workers can be validated within seconds. It helps in enhancing the security of their websites and only allows those sex workers to work who do not have any criminal record and are not blacklisted on the portal.

bitcci can verify a huge amount of data in a shorter period of time. The bitcci system can verify around 9,000 different types of ID documents from 193 countries and also in 130 languages. Having known about bitcci ID, let us discuss more about the portal.

The portal is one of the platforms that provides live streaming of sex workers. Using it, sex workers can communicate with all clients around the world. There are several modules attached to the portal.


bitcci has a mission and vision to revolutionise the sex industry to a significant extent. It provides various advantages and benefits to the workers. The plausible services offered by the bitcci to its workers include a bitcci academy for training services, a regular health check-up, modernised infrastructure and accommodation, modern and regulated club operation, and many more.

bitcci aims at enhancing the lives of the sex workers and bringing a revolution in the sex industry. It has all the features and services that any worker would need for their job. bitcci uses its own token, which could be used in order to build the transparency and the trust between the client and the workers, and thus all the bitcci systems are totally AI-based and secured to a considerable extent.

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