bitcci: Introducing the Best Crypto Token For The Adult Industry!

When one thinks about the “adult industry”, the first thing that comes to mind is a world of glamour fuelled by the passion and commitment of sex workers. However, despite being an integral part of the industry, the workers are often overlooked and seldom receive the true worth of their job.  

Intro Sex Industry Crypto Token 

The sex industry comprises a wide range of services, including escort services, creation of adult videos, selling sex subscriptions, performing live for people via webcam or fulfilling fetish desires. Even though the opportunities in the industry are endless, still, there are only a few workers who can establish a successful career out of the industry.

The reason is loud and clear: though there are many users who actively buy the products or services associated with the sex industry, only a few get the best value. To resolve the economic woes of this highly-promising industry, cryptocurrency made its way. Crypto token have so much to offer, as traditional financial institutions often consider porn or sex services to be a sector with high risk, more workaround fees for processing payments, and a large number of disputed transactions than other common economic industries. 

Moreover, with the introduction of sex industry crypto token, consumers will be able to take advantage of anonymity. This gives a sigh of relief for major users of the adult sector, such as prominent celebrities, media organisations, government officials or corporate personnel, who often have a fear that bank authorities might be aware that they are proactive users of adult services through their bank account transactions or statements from the credit card. 

The anonymity of cryptocurrencies is due to their method of operation, i.e. decentralised transactions recorded using a pseudonym, making it impossible for almost any professional to track the porn activities of the consumer. Several leading subscription service providers and sex service-dedicated platforms reveal that the benefits of crypto tokens are such that companies will soon go 100% crypto in the near future. 

What is bitcci cash token?

Part of bitcci’s payment program, the bitcci cash token (BCT), is a secure, advanced, compliant solution of payment aimed to revolutionise the worldwide sex industry. 

The cash token is designed for tokenising each and every aspect of bitcci, including its parent company, AG Group, to bring the adult sector out of the global shadow economy. These tokens act as a form of smart contract that is:

  • Capped: There is a specific limit on the maximum number of bitcci cash token that can be published by the company. At the moment, bitcci has set a limit of 100 billion bitcci cash tokens. 
  • Pausable: The smart contract can be paused, i.e. bitcci has the ability to manage and stop transactions whenever required. Thanks to this, in an event of a hack or vulnerability, the attacker will not be able to liquidate funds, and this keeps the bitcci ecosystem protected. 
  • Burnable: The number of bitcci cash token that are not sold in the IEO are burned– reducing the total number of tokens, which will ultimately increase their value. 
  • Blacklistable: Any suspicious ETH detected on bitcci’s network are blacklisted. Say, if certain transactions or anomalies appear to be linked to fraud, then bitcci can blacklist them.  

Where can you use bitcci cash token?

Learn Where can you use bitcci cash token - Infographic

Every product or service that is part of the ‘bitcci ecosystem’ accepts the bitcci cash token for seamless payment, including:

  • For entering into events or nightclubs that accept the bitcci currency and are a part of bitcci’s modern system. Furthermore, the cash tokens are also used for paying restaurant and bar bills, and provide exclusive perks such as special access to premium nightclub services. 
  • For subscribing to premium content, adult materials, live chat, video calls and more, brought to you by trained and competent professionals of the bitcci family. 
  • For ad placements on bitcci’s promotional mediums (meant for sex workers), who want to advertise their services to prospective clients. This is meant for business partners or club owners who want to grab the attention of their targeted consumers. 
  • For licensing, web traffic, cloud IT services, and other holistic components of the bitcci network. 

bitcci Cash Token Mechanism Explained

The sex sector is a vital element of the economy. But, if the challenges of this sector are not handled effectively, then this can have a lethal impact on its long-term growth. 

According to several studies conducted in US, the sex market is crowded by innumerable shortcomings. Improper method of pricing, i.e. a certain section of sex worker receive less than $5 per sex act, while for a certain portion of workers, the price might increase to over $1,000; the inability to find a suitable worker for a particular sex service such as video call/chatting, adult content or subscription materials, as a large portion of the workers are inexperienced; and compared to the rise in market size, the workers are not able to create a career out of the industry. 

Taking the shortcomings into consideration, bitcci implemented a simple and straightforward sex crypto token or the bitcci cash token, which provides participants optimal safety while giving proper standardisation, as:

  • Users have the opportunity to either send or receive the cash tokens via bitcci pay. This resolves the issue of banned or blocked bank accounts, making payments more secure and seamless. 
  • Connected globally, the brand has partnerships with eminent blockchain organisations. Its pioneer nightclub management software is active at 5 reputable saunas of Switzerland, which means every transaction occurs through bitcci cash. 
  • Every sex worker, upon successful signup at bitcci’s network, gets a global identification or bitcci ID, allowing them to provide a myriad of sex services around the world. The workers can use bitcci cash for marketing their services on the application, bitcci TV or website. 
  • There are no third-party companies supported by bitcci, so the tokens are completely liable to bitcci – the platform service provider. 
  • bitcci tokens being an electronic form of money is resolving the conflicts of the sex industry, as bitcci cash token is integrated, making it transparent, secure and safe. 

How to buy bitcci cash token?

bitcci cash tokens can be purchased by participating at the sales session of the company at its official website, or by registering at the exchange platforms that support IEO listings. 

The brand has sold over 20 million tokens at its ICO, which is equivalent to 20% of the limit, which is now owned by investors. The cash token owners do have the chance of selling them before the end of ICO or any other partner exchange platform of bitcci, such as P2PPB2B, COINSBIT, IndoEX, Dex-Trade, BitForex, and as the company expands, it will be added to more exchange platforms. 

To buy bitcci cash token on its official website, the crypto investor has to do the following:

  • Sign up at the official website using a valid email address and password; bitcci will make use of the credentials for sending important information related to the tokens. 
  • Select the amount of bitcci cash token that you want to buy. For example, if you are willing to buy 500,000 cash tokens valued at 0.002 USDT, then you will have to pay 1000 USDT for purchasing it. Similarly, the tokens can be bought using cash based on the amount of money that you want to spend. Instead of the tokens, select 1K USDT for 500K cash tokens. 
  • Next verify the phone number for getting information about the pricing, IEO listings, ICO listings, and other updates regarding the bitcci cash tokens. Accept the terms of service/conditions. 
  • Pay for the selected amount of bitcci cash token using over 50 supported cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, bitcoinCash, Tron and more.
  • The invoice is sent to the investor in PDF format, which can be used for validating the ETH address or MetaMask. 
  • On successful validation, the bitcci cash tokens are loaded into the bitcci wallet, and can be used for different services or products within the bitcci ecosystem. 

bitcci has listed the cash tokens on ICO and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). The IEO will go live on March 1st 2022 and is currently available at 10 popular exchange platforms. The platforms are reliable and adhere to strict industry standards, meaning the crypto investor will never have to be concerned about their critical information landing in the wrong hands. 


From education, finance to sports, the use of blockchain has transformed almost every sector of the economy. The same stands true for the adult industry, where deployment of crypto token would significantly help in overcoming common challenges of the sector, while offering minimal operational costs to the users and consumers. Most importantly, introduction of the sex crypto token eliminates the scope of illegality and malpractices that often haunt this cash dominated industry.  

bitcci takes a holistic approach, by not only giving a platform to the sex workers but also by training them via the bitcci Academy, which focuses on the worker’s professional and private life. It covers complete training programs on self-marketing, managing clients, hygiene, sales psychology, nutrition, live communication, health insurance, work billing, taxes and quality management too. To overcome language barriers, the Academy supports training in over 20 different languages. The workers can avail the services of bitcci Academy by paying through bitcci cash tokens. 

Even the bitcci nightclubs that are part of its network will get the best of equipment, access to trained sex workers, personnel planning, room planning, and online portals, so as to create a comfortable and hassle-free management for the nightclub owners, sex workers and the consumers. bitcci’s plan of action can effectively liberate the sex workers from the usual industry-related problems by establishing a culture of trust, acceptance and transparency. The innovative technologies and proactive concept of business will bring standardisation and coordination into the sector. What’s more, by investing in bitcci’s cash tokens, you are able to leverage from a committed, strategic and result-driven ecosystem for the sex industry.

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