If you are a crypto investor, then you must be familiar with the concept of NFTs. In essence, NFT or non-fungible tokens are a powerful concept that has emerged from the blockchain system. NFTs are designed to secure digitally created content, offer provenance, and are also capable of encoding conditional transactions, all of which are embedded within the blockchain. This embedded nature makes the NFT immutable at a very high level. As a result, every entry gets cryptographically linked as well as gathered in blocks, with every entry being cryptographically linked within a sequence.

NFTs are identified through a unique token ID, owned by one of the wallets or blockchain accounts, and correspond with a defined set of assets or a single asset. These assets, thus, can either be digital or physical. Hence, NFTS is essentially considered to be electronic certificates for either a collection of assets or a single asset. 

So, if you happen to be a crypto investor, then it is important to understand that while fungible assets are something that carries units and can be easily interchanged, such as money, the NFTs are completely different. A non-fungible asset has unique features, and thus one cannot interchange them with anything else. For instance, it can be a collectable, house, photo or painting. While you can have photos of these, there will only be one original house, painting, photo, or collectable. NFTs are unique assets that can easily be purchased as well as sold. similar to any other property but having no tangible shape of their own.


As a crypto investor, you must be aware that RMRK is one of the world’s leading NFT systems without the need for any smart contracts for powering it. It is a system beyond ERC721 or ERC1155. The system is beyond digital assets that continue to sit ideal in the wallet as well as die or continue to wait for another hype cycle. Developed by the Web3 Foundation alum Bruno Škvorc, the RMRK protocol focuses on lending logic to different blockchains without the need for any on-chain logic, such as smart contracts.

What Are Rmrk’s Nft Legos?

RMRK has created an advanced Non-fungible Token Standard, thereby introducing the concept of NFT legos for every crypto investor. The Switzerland-based platform is an association focused on creating the RMRK unique protocol, which is an advanced Non-fungible token protocol project. The protocol enables users to design as well as sell ‘NFT legos’ by using NFTs on the Kusama as well as other blockchain networks in the Polkadot system.

How Do RMRK’s NFT Legos Contribute To NFTS?

The reason why RMRK is labelled as the platform for NFT legos is that there isn’t any limit on how one can compose their NFTs. In fact, within the RMRK protocol, NFTs can own other non-fungible tokens. In essence, NFT legos ensure that NFTs can own other non-fungible tokens while building more complex digital tokens using them.

Thus, there are several possibilities when the new RMRK NFT legos are put together. For instance, there is a possibility of creating the Multi-resource NFT. Within the multi-resource NFT, multiple resources are equally applicable. An NFT could be some kind of video-based game containing JS code that executes when loaded within the browser. Besides, a high-res picture of the video game can be the cover art, as well as there can be a PDF-based manual explaining how the game can be played. When you load the NFT in Opensea, their user interface will know that the high-resolution picture must be loaded for representing the NFT. If a user loads it on the RMRK Playground, which is the marketplace of NFT-driven games, then the game can be played as well. In either case, the PDF manual will feature as a separate resource within the NFT. 

NFT Custom Fields

Apart from this, the NFTs in RMRK 2.0 follow the Opensea Metadata standards for attributes. However, they also feature mutable fields within the NFTs themselves that owners or/and issuers can set. This can be done using the SET command. 

The multi-resource NFT can feature different images, such as Vorpal Blade NFT that can feature an impressive unique drawing or even a realistic render. Users can give the SET command on this NFT while keeping the priority field as the target and transform the display’s priority. This way, users pick between 2 different displays of the similar NFT using a switch, and all the user interfaces that implement the standards can easily render this across in any application.

Apart from this, RMRK art NFT can mint a non-fungible token with a base that has slots specified for musical notes. Others are allowed to mint notes as well as send them to this NFT.

How NFTS As Daos Works?

Non-fungible tokens today are also interactive as well as capable of emitting actions, sending items, equipping themselves, changing state, and doing more. Some of them may be innovative and very expensive for people to hold. Every NFT can be easily broken into pre-defined fungible tokens where they can be used for issuing DAO-based commands to the Non-fungible tokens such as a community can give their votes for equipping an item.

For breaking the non-fungible tokens, owners are required to stake some RMRK tokens. This helps to prevent spamming of fungible tokens. 

The non-fungible tokens which can own the other NFTs are referred to as the Nested NFTs 12q. They are similar to in-gaming characters as well as their inventories. In these NFTs, the NFTs can be equipped and minted into other non-fungible tokens that can later acquire alternative renders as well as functionalities based on what they ‘own’. This can be abstracted into collections made by users, wherein non-fungible tokens can be sold instead of listing all of them one after another. 

RMRK also plans to bring the Fractional NFTs, i.e., NFT DAOs. This feature will be launched with RMRK 2.5. A non-fungible token that is costly may be difficult to reach for several individuals, but they may wish to own a certain portion of it.

How Are They Planning To Improve RMRK’S Functionality?

As far as the present functionality of RMRK is concerned, the commands that one can issue within the system are referred to as interactions. The existing interactions of RMRK include the Emote functionality that enables NFTs to accept the emoticons on-chain. This can be useful in the form of the price discovery methodology, as well as an added mechanic while interacting with non-fungible tokens. The Emotes are used for RMRKs art contests, and they have been so popular that they went on to break Kusama twice.

Other functionalities of RMRK include sending, minting, and consuming (or burning), which are fairly standard.

However, These Functionalities Will Be Improved, And RMRK 2.0’s Functionality Will Be Carried Out For The Kanaria Hatching Event Will Have The Following Features:

  • Equipping or unequipping of NFT owned by other NFT.
  • Equippable i.e., defining which collections can be equipped into the part of the base.
  • Locking a collection so that it becomes limited if it was originally minted as unlimited. 
  • Minting- which now refers to the NFTs and not collections. 
  • ResAdd (where a new resource can be added to a non-fungible token-a unique type of rendering.
  • Set attribute (which sets the value of the mutable attribute on the NFT).
  • Logic (adding some amount of logic to the NFT).
  • Accept (accepting pending resource, or logic, child NFT).
  • BASE (for creating the base entity)
  • BUY (can now be used for “buying into” another address)
  • Change issuer (it changes the issuer of the Base or Collection)
  • Burning (the new consume)
  • Create (creating a fresh collection of Non-fungible Tokens)
  • Emote (now permits emoting on any of the entities – RMRK2, RMRK1, and even accounts)
  • Setpriority (changes the entire priority of the non-fungible token’s resources.
  • Themeadd (adds a fresh theme to any of the bases for dynamic transformation of parts)

RMRK 2.0 also launches a fresh BASE entity that serves as the “interface” or “class” for the composite Non-fungible tokens. 

Thus, the RMRK’s advanced NFT Standard of NFT legos allows NFTs to own another NFT or a couple for NFTs for building highly complex tokens with numerous functionalities.


The RMRK association intends to decentralise the entire project in the years to come, requiring the RMRK token that will have utility and governance functionalities. Around 10 million tokens shall be minted, with nearly the entire supply being distributed through a fair drop while the rest have been kept aside for the development team, or use for the development of the ecosystem, or can be sold publicly.

Apart from governance, it shall be utilised for liquidity farming as well as stablecoin loan collateral on numerous platforms. It can also be used for minting assets and accessing the infrastructure. They can also be utilised as one of the currencies in the RMRK metaverse, in the form of a stake while developing fungible tokens for preventing spamming and for white labelling the RMRK products as well as applications, etc.

In a nutshell, the RMRK project is designed to shift the art NFT paradigm from assets that gather digital dust inside their owner’s digital wallets to non-fungible tokens having long-lasting use. These can evolve with time and design a unique system of RMRK NFT legos, making some of the most complex and creative non-fungible token projects possible. 

Being a highly advanced NFT system, it allows non-fungible tokens to own several other NFTs, non-fungible tokens to take a decision regarding what can be shown to you based on certain conditions, non-fungible tokens to gather emoticons from other users in the form of early price discovery, as well as non-fungible tokens which can easily be governed like the DAOs that use their fungible shareholder tokens.

To learn more about RMRK NFT legos and project, visit, https://app.subsocial.network/@rmrkapp/dawn-of-the-art-legos-18289!

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