ZiberBugs Finalising their First In-game Playable NFTs

ZiberBugs is pleased to announce that its long-awaited first in-game playable NFTs are in the final preparations. This is exciting for all fans as they get to do all manner of things with NFTs and get prizes for it.

ZiberBugs is a PvP and PvE gaming platform based on the Cardano blockchain. In the PvP segment, there is a competitive battle where six bugs are fighting against six bugs in a best of nine rounds. That means that a player gets on the battleground alone and stands a chance to win tokens as a prize. In the PvE segment, a player can either do it alone or with friends for a chance to win great rewards in the shape of NFTs.

In the ZiberBugs game, NFTs are needed for breeding. In its breeding ecosystem, a player’s selected race will determine their queen, which will, in turn, determine breeding possibilities. Every bug on the platform is a hybrid between two races, but each bug can only descend from one certain queen.

The bugs will be such that they are generational. The first generation, the Ancestors, will be the first to be pre-minted. They have a supply cap of 999, meaning that is the maximum number that will ever be minted. Every bug has a limit of producing six offspring. The ancestors will be fully-bred; hence, no player can buy the ancestor for breeding.

The second generation of bugs will also be pre-minted and named “Scion”. These will come without any pre-minted offspring, hence they will be “virgins” at mint, giving the owners – the hand-picked team of alpha testers – the ability to breed their own offspring. All the other generations that follow will not have any labels, but they will have their generation coded into their metadata, making its descendant line trackable all the way to its Ancestors.

The Ancestor bugs will be mainly for royalty, a desirable collectable for being the first generation bugs. They will be made such that they are similar to Origin Axies from Axie Infinity – while playable in-game, their genes will be far from perfect for battle. It is up to the players to breed and evolve the offspring to super combatants! The primary stakeholders such as the team, investors, partners and insiders will have the privilege of priority of ancestor ownership. The company is considering making some available on a CNFT marketplace, such as the jpg.store.

The Scions have a bigger cap of 5,994, which will be offspring from the ancestors. Each Ancestor will be the father of six Scions. There will be 999 alpha testers given six Scions per team. Once the closed alpha test starts, the alpha tester will get the privilege of buying a bundle of six Scions each and even use their name for the team name during the test. The alpha testers can breed new bugs and sell them off during the beta launch – this will be the primary NFT sale.

As mentioned earlier, subsequent generations will not have any label attached. They will only have a generation number coded into their metadata, and the ID of its father.

Even though it is presumed that the initial NFT bugs will have a higher value due to their label, bugs in the latter generations will have the potential for higher in-game performance, as the breeding evolution does its job.

About ZiberBugs

ZiberBugs is a PvP and PvP gaming platform based on the Cardano blockchain.

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