3QualiTy: Earn FREE Rewards Through Their Platform

Acquire FREE Cryptocurrency when joining the 3QualiTy platform. 

3QualiTy, a New York-based company that uses cryptocurrency to improve charitable giving experiences and a chance to earn free rewards through their platform. 3QualiTy recently launched a pre-sale of their $3QT token. Participating in the pre-sale of the new $3QT token allows crypto traders and holders to find prices as low as $.00045. Nevertheless, the public sale prices on the exchanges will be high because they are contracted to launch at $.0012. And free cryptocurrency–including the opportunity to acquire free Bitcoin–is available to all who join the 3QualiTy Telegram community by May 11, 2022.

The 3QualiTy platform provides a bridge between cryptocurrencies and charitable giving through one of its special missions: #Give2Earn. Upon launch of the 3QualiTy app, free cryptocurrency is available as well as various revenue streams. 3QualiTy offers different ways for crypto traders and holders to earn income while giving to charity. Some of them include:

3QualiTy Treasure Hunt

Participating in donation campaigns gives users a chance to earn rewards–including free 3QT [native token], free ETH and free BTC– through the 3QualiTy Treasure Hunt app.

Exclusive Refer & Earn Program

People who refer potential crypto traders and holders to 3QT can also earn money from their referrals. Upon a successful referral, you’ll be assigned a wallet address, which you can access through their TG. After the launch of 3QT, you will earn a 5% commission in FIAT on the total funds received via your referral. Commission payouts will occur on May 30, 2022.


You can reap many cryptocurrency rewards while donating to causes. 3QualiTy has partnered with vendors and sponsors to provide giveaways, including 3QualiTy merchandise.

Play to Earn

Playing a Game of Clues is also an option for playing the Treasure Hunt in 3QualiTy. Participants have a chance to win large prizes through the Game of Clues. 

Ultimately, every crypto trader and holder who donates or directs funds seeks positive price action. The 3QualiTy platform, which includes staking rewards at 30% APR, aims to ensure the community of crypto donors is supported and offers sustainable ways to earn and keep giving. With 3QualiTy’s Founder and Team’s expertise in cryptocurrency, you can be sure that your crypto interests have led you to the right place.

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly, thinks highly of the 3QualiTy project. He explained, “3QualiTy is the easy solution to charitable giving. At a time when so many need so much, others have found fortune in cryptocurrency and they are ready to share the wealth with the help of 3QualiTy. Projects like 3QualiTy are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

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