Bashoswap Private Sale is Ongoing

The Bashoswap team is pleased to inform the crypto community that it has begun a private sale round for early adopters.

partnership@bashoswap.financeYou must have at least 20,000 ADA in your wallet to participate in the private sale. They will offer 100,000,000 Bash tokens in its round of private sale, and investors who wish to join in the private sale can do so by emailing them at their email

Bashoswap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) on Cardano founded by blockchain expert Beri Ardas and backed by a team of experienced traders and stock exchange market professionals. Bashoswap aims to develop disruptive dApps for Cardano, such as permissionless on-chain staking, lending, and governance protocols.

Features of Bashoswap Project

The Non-Custodial and Permissionless Project

Bashoswap is not a custodial or permission-less project, which means that you will have full control over the funds. Also, liquidity providers will be rewarded for each transaction carried out on the network.

Multiple Protocols – Best Liquidity & Fees

As a decentralised exchange, Bashoswap is the leading exchange utilising AMM & Programmable Orderbook Model. With multiple projects, you will receive the best liquidity and fees on every transaction.

Stake & Earn Passive Income

The liquidity pool will allow investors to earn passive income through staking their tokens. With more assets staked in the pool, you would be able to earn more tokens.

$Bash Token

The Bashoswap community has a utility token called “$Bash”. This token can be used for various purposes such as staking, farming, and voting rights.

Development of DApps

Bashoswap will bring all elements together that already exist on other blockchains, such as Uniswap, Unicrypt, and Pancakeswap’s AMM, staking, and LP Token locking models. It will be adapted to power DeFi applications using the $Bash token powered by the Cardano blockchain.

Developers and crypto enthusiasts make up the company’s core founding team, who understand native assets, smart contracts, and the broader blockchain ecosystem. Based on its team of experienced developers and project managers, Bashoswap seems very promising.

Karnav Shah, Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, commented on the potential of Bashoswap, saying, “With Bashoswap, crypto enthusiasts can easily exchange ADA for native tokens on the Cardano platform. The project intends to bring Cardano-based projects into the spotlight, including AMM advancement and programming order books on Cardano. Furthermore, the project appears to be more promising as it allows investors to earn passive income from their holdings. Investing in the project now is the best move, since a limited supply of Bash tokens will be available during the private sale.”

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