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Rowan Energy builds proof of concept in partnership with passive systems to guarantee the source of renewable energy. UK home solar panel energy production used to be a great investment. In 2010 with new subsidies and companies offering free installation in the UK there was a huge uptake.

However, as time went on and those subsidies decreased, so did the UK home solar panel uptake.

Rowan Energy is bringing the return on investment back to home solar panels in the UK through a combination of cutting edge hardware, software, and, of course, blockchain technology.

The Rowan Energy proof of concept uses meter readings from MID certified meters. This allows UK home solar panel users who produce less than 50KW to mint tokenized REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) certificates, previously only available to large suppliers, which can then be sold.

This REGO certificate proves the energy has been created from a green renewable source and logs the source through the blockchain.

Consumers can then see, in real-time, where their energy is coming from and how it is produced.

In addition to improving the finances of uk home solar panel producers, this adds a new level of transparency to the industry.

Potentially this also reduces the “green-washing” of energy where suppliers of energy from non-renewable sources purchase REGO’s to cover them.

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