Maxxer’s Beta Version is Finally Live

The long awaited maxxer beta is finally live. This is an exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to have a first-hand experience of the social trading exchange platform. It has been two years of waiting and finally, the product is here.

The main aim of the beta is to test the product in the market before the platform finally goes live. This will help in identifying and fixing any bugs, test the mechanics, and making improvements for a great user experience. 

The beta will happen in a few rounds and all rounds will have zero trading fees. The first round – closed beta – is set to be an invite-only round to a specified number of $MXXR holders. The second round – open beta – is where all token holders can participate but it will have limited functions. The third round – open beta – is where all $MXXR holders are eligible and it will have more social trading features added. For the invite only, it will be a random selection, so long as one holds the tokens. They will be the first group to experience the user interface of the exchange. 

Even though it is a beta round, there are over 30 crypto pairs already listed, such as BTC, XRP, ETH, SHIB, DOGE, etc. The coins will be according to the current market rate. 

Social trading is an interesting concept in the trading world as any trader can copy from the experts in the market. maxxer is happy to enable that feature. Even on the first round of beta, traders can prove their trading skills and this will help them get a following. The platform will use its UI to give traders tips and hints if they want to do copy trading. 

Apart from copy trading, the exchange will also have a Social Trading League, whereby traders compete for rewards. Beta testers will have the privilege of knowing how the league works and its rules before the platform goes live. The platform will feature the maxxer social tab, which will be a social media network within the exchange itself. Traders have the option to create content and start posting about their trades or anything crypto related on the beta.

About Maxxer

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