Play-to-Earn Mining Game

MINE Network, the first multi-chain mining metaverse is pleased to announce the launch of the first-ever play-to-earn mining game, the MINEverse. 

The MINEverse is a fantasy world made of stone and metal where mining is the path to glory. MINEverse features a dwarven kingdom in which users use a pickaxe and grit to earn Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other proof of work tokens derived from real mining power.  

The platform welcomes users to explore the mythical island of Hollandar where they can venture down to the darkest caves to dig in search of gems. On this island, charming misfits, cunning merchants, and ferociously gritty dwarves compete for the glory of gold. The MINEverse team believes that proof of work mining should be accessible to all, making it an exciting advancement for all crypto enthusiasts, whether experienced or beginners.  

To access the mining platform, users can use two paths. In the first path, users need to claim a master miner NFT and upgrade their toolkit to increase mining rewards. They can then proceed to forge their precious metals and watch their loot grow. The master miner NFT serves as a player’s avatar when playing the game after which, you, the player is rewarded with hashrate tokens.  

The second path entails a user becoming a cave operator allowing them to stake their $MNET tokens, the utility tokens on the platform. After staking, a user is allowed to claim their virtual cave deed giving them access to a pre-set (determined by the cave operator) percentage of all mining rewards within their caves. Cave operators will have to compete with others for the best Bitcoin miners with the added advantage of choosing which coin they want to mint. 

Please watch the MINEverse cinematic explanatory video to learn more. Also, head on over to their Gleam campaign to join in on their latest Giveaway contest: MINE’s Coolest Creative Contest, where you can subject MINE related media for your chance to win some MASTER MINER NFTs!

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