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Bitcoin Business – How to Accept Bitcoin For Your Business

Good Morning Crypto Traders, What a beautiful week in the crypto world, we’ve had some lovely developments. With the market cap looking stable above $310 billion, I wanted to once again introduce our industry-leading magazine “Cryptonaire Weekly” where we keep you up to date with the current state of the markets, and the major developments going on in the World of trading Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Business. THE YEAR OF MASS ADOPTION As we have said

Bitcoin - 5 Simple Steps To Profit From Blockchain Technology

How to Profit from the Blockchain?

Hello Crypto Traders, On Sunday evening, Platinum Crypto Elite Traders would have smashed the ball out of the park. As always our Analysts are ready to take advantage of the Crypto Markets on Open. On Sunday we had some amazing news out about Crypto regulation and as a result we sent buy signals to our entire Platinum Crypto Network. An international group of central bank regulators and government ministers has told the G20 countries that

Britains Electroneum Is Transforming The World of Cryptocurrencies

Britain’s Electroneum: Transforming the World of Cryptocurrency

Hi Crypto network, Until some time ago, only a handful of technology-obsessed individuals knew what cryptocurrencies were all about. However, that scenario has undergone a complete transformation in the past 2 years. With Bitcoin’s meteoric rise last year, cryptocurrencies trades have garnered massive attention. Almost every investor and even those not interested in speculation technology or trading have now become interested in cryptocurrencies. Many find the digital currency market extremely lucrative, and interesting. As a result,

Everything You Need to Know About the Bitcoin Buzz, History and Function

Everything You Need to Know About the Bitcoin Buzz, History and Function

Hi Crypto network, Last week I released an article about Bitcoin standing strong despite scrutiny, but as of today, it seems Bitcoin has finally accepted a drop due to South Korea and regulation questions being continually raised. We currently see Bitcoin sitting shy of $10k at $9,719 and on a 1.2% increase in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is down at $843. Ripple is also still below the dollar mark at $0.91. Today’s focus is building knowledge


BTC Stands Strong despite Scrutiny and Narrowing Trading Range

Bitcoin has always experienced volatility but has managed to stand strong despite being scrutinized by some of the prominent global decision makers and leaders at Davos. While the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated that an action must be taken against cryptocurrencies, the country’s Chancellor Philip Hammond suggested that some caution must be exercised in order to keep cryptocurrency under scrutiny. Apart from this, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has

Crypto-How to Make Consistent Longer Term Gains From Cryptocurrencies

How To Make Consistent Longer Term Gains From Cryptos

Good Morning Crypto Traders, Thanks for your positive comments on our last Crypto Blog ‘How to Short Bitcoin’. I hope you had a lovely weekend and Platinum Crypto Academy is here live and kicking ready to trade the Crypto market with you, and begin your road to profitability with some crypto fuel. Bitcoin (BTC) having set a six-day high above the $9,000 on early Saturday which was the highest level since Feb 4th. Other top

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

How to profit from the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Fall?

After its introduction in the year 2009, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency has taken the world of cryptocurrency trading and finance by storm. As a result, a growing number of investors are investing in Bitcoin, which has led to a significant increase in the value of the virtual currency. However, of late many institutional traders are shorting Bitcoin and have become bearish in comparison to the small-scale investors.   Trading Crypto Currencies with confidence, not fear was a



Good Morning Platinum Subscribers, Hope you have read last week’s article and been able to take valuable trading lessons on how we tackle subjects such as FUD and Regulation Concerns. Cryptocurrencies Traders love to talk about trading, but it is important to define your trading talk. Successful Forex and cryptocurrencies traders that fail in trading are because they look at the markets in a different way compared to those that fail. Cryptocurrency Trading Plan How do