bitcci: An Innovation in The Escort Industry Based on Cryptocurrency!

The advent of technology and the increased usage of the internet among people has led to the transformation in the working of various industries. This transformation has also affected the sex industry to a huge extent. The sex industry is assumed to be exciting, full of desires, and glamorous, however, nobody knows the complete picture and is unaware of the various hardships faced by the sex workers working over there.

Sex workers are the centre of the sex industry, even though they are undervalued and their needs are not paid much attention to. They have to cope with differences and challenges in the industry. They often struggle to find solutions to their grievances. Even so, the escort industry tends to function in this manner exclusively, and numerous issues involving the sector go unnoticed.

The purpose of this article is to examine the innovations that bitcci will bring to the escort industry via cryptocurrencies and the various services it has to offer to both its clients and sex workers. To begin, let’s understand what an escort platform is.

The escort industry is an industry that consists of various agencies that provide escort services to clients and customers. During the booking process, a fee is paid to the escort agency and the other fees can be negotiated directly with the escorts. The escort agency serves primarily as an intermediary between the escorts and the clients, and facilitates face-to-face meetings.

Introduction to bitcci

The bitcci group was founded in the year 2017 by Christoph Elbert. The objective of setting up this platform was to transform the sex industry while creating a positive impact on it. bitcci has designed and developed various techniques and tools that would cover all the issues faced by workers and offer them a holistic solution.

bitcci also eliminates the hassle of using cash only. It has launched its cash token, as in many cases, cash transactions are difficult and may not always be available on time. In addition to offering cash points that can be used for transferring money to others.

How does bitcci improve sex worker’s lives through the bitcci academy?

Currently, bitcci is one of the most effective and preferred platforms for escorting. bitcci has developed an ecosystem that integrates modern technology and the latest and innovative IT solutions in order to be able to operate more efficiently.

bitcci also pays much attention to the security that it offers to its workers. bitcci’s software is a forensic software that records the identities of workers and records the work of those workers. By using the bitcci software, regulators can access the real-time data of escorts and sex workers in a safe and reliable manner by connecting to an interface within the bitcci ecosystem. The bitcci portal and mobile apps developed by bitcci also make it the most preferred solutions for escorts.

bitcci provides various opportunities and facilitates to its workers, thus helping to improve the quality of life. bitcci offers the following opportunities to its sex workers:

  • Option to choose the workplace.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Clients of their own choice.
  • The kind of services that a worker offers is also totally dependent on the worker.
  • Accommodations; different from the workplace.
  • No restrictions on any kind of movement.
  • Sports offering, personal assistance services, textile services. and other relevant extended services.

In addition to the above-mentioned services offered by bitcci, it has opened a bitcci academy, which proves to be a key factor in improving and enhancing the lives of sex workers. Now, let’s continue to discuss more about the bitcci academy.

As part of bitcci, the sex workers have access to bitcci Academy, where they can gain knowledge or training on virtually anything they wish. A bitcci Academy is basically a place where sex workers receive different types of training. bitcci group AG operates the Academy. The program offers workers the opportunity to train in whatever field they want.

The bitcci Academy was created to help sex workers and let them feel confident, healthy, secure, and well prepared for the future. A wide range of training programs are available by the bitcci Academy. Some of them include:

  • Quality management training.
  • Information about the onboarding process, rules, regulations, etc.
  • Training related to the usage of the bitcci tools like apps, telephone and video calling, chats, etc.
  • Information regarding the payments and banking systems and also insights related to bitcci wallets.
  • Sports and wellness training.
  • Training in the particular language and achieving the language communication skills.
  • Safety measure techniques, self-defence mechanisms etc.
  • Management of money and retirement planning.
  • Programmes and training related to education.
  • Additional training related to how to deal with guests, sales, psychology, hygiene, nutritional aids, grooming and beauty. 

Which marketing techniques does bitcci use? - Infographic

By making effective use of digitalisation, bitcci is enabling its workers to provide services globally through its website. With the help of, sex workers have the most desired opportunity to market themselves independently.

A chat system is available to the clients based on AI software available in 20 languages for the sex workers. This serves as a golden opportunity for the sex workers as they would be able to gain as many clients as they want, digitally, and earn accordingly.

bitcci uses various kinds of marketing techniques. Some of the techniques are as follows:

  • By the issue of the bitcci cash token
  • By advertising on the partner websites via banners
  • By participating in the viral marketing campaigns
  • Advertisements through bitcci TV
  • Cooperation with the press and media
  • Conducting bitcci affiliate programmes
  • Advertisement on the bitcci portal
  • Poster advertising in local areas

bitcci outlines all the necessary measures to improve the lives of sex workers. bitcci offers its employees various self-determination programs to help them balance work and life at the same time. It also looks at the communication barriers and has a business model where various strategies are devised in order to reduce the barriers to communication.

Workers who are part of bitcci are able to market their services through a well-organised and robust system. A portion of the service includes arranging for the agencies to get professional photographs and videos taken of the workers and then promoting their services.

Affiliate marketing is basically a concept where workers get paid for recommending products. bitcci has its own affiliate marketing program. Bitcci has also launched affiliate programs for sex workers in the midst of the bifurcation of commissions. Referrers receive a percentage of the income a sex worker generates through digital media.

Here, the referrers might be another sex worker, customers, nightclubs or marketing partners. The commission that is paid to the referrer is in the form of digital currencies paid directly into the referrer’s wallet. Workers opening the bitcci portal would see a link in the bitcci app. This link could be used for the recommendation process. Sex workers can easily do affiliate marketing by clicking on the link and then forwarding it to contacts, groups, and others who may be interested.

bitcci TV – what is it?

bitcci TV is the online platform launched by bitcci, which is used for promotional purposes. bitcci TV is not only informing about the bitcci ecosystem but also about the Crypto News. The bitcci TV channel has a team of professional female presenters that present the news about the whole bitcci ecosystem to its audiences. The professionals come live several times a week. The main objective of the programme conducted by bitcci TV is to motivate and encourage the sex workers and the male customers to register with the portal. Customers can even be motivated to purchase the bitcci cash tokens.

bitcci platform has assumed that the bitcci TV would be able to spread drastically among a large number of customers. bitcci in the past has also conducted similar kinds of operations. It has a lot of experience in setting up an online broadcasting programme like content editing, external interviews, professional studio operations, live streaming, and also interaction with the customers globally through live streams, telephones and chats.

How do companies use bitcci TV for marketing?

bitcci TV is one of the strategies used by to widen its customer base and attract new customers. On a weekly basis, the anchors, who are mainly women, inform the audience about the latest developments within the bitcci ecosystem and blockchain. The bitcci platforms conduct programmes that are designed in such a way that they are able to attract a wide crowd of people, such as escort girls, investors, affiliates, customers, marketing experts, governments and exchanges.

bitcci also does viral and affiliate marketing, which can be seen on bitcci TV. The bitcci platform allows clients to connect to the core bitcci programmes and the contents that they might be interested in. bitcci TV thus helps to expand the number of clients and sex workers, and also enhances the productivity and reach of the business by promoting it through the TV channel.

Final thoughts

bitcci has the objective to revolutionise the sex industry to a significant extent. It provides various advantages and benefits to the workers. bitcci provides various opportunities to its sex workers to grow as an individual. One of the plausible services offered by the bitcci to its workers include a bitcci Academy, which provides the training services, modernised infrastructure and accommodation, modern and regulated club operation, and many more.

bitcci aims at enhancing the lives of the sex workers and bringing a revolution in the sex industry. It has all the features and services that any worker would need for their job. As a result, all bitcci systems are totally AI-based and highly secured. bitcci has its own token, known as BTC, which can be used to build trust between the client and the workers.

bitcci also has a central club management system, which includes the attendance records, planning of the various rooms, sales tracking, inventory management etc. bitcci is not just another company that provides sex workers with escort services. In fact, bitcci provides all kinds of services to its workers in a comprehensive and integrated way.

In conclusion, we can say that bitcci is one of the companies that is bringing revolution to the sex industry. It has a vast range of services available to the company’s clients and workers. Additionally, bitcci has adopted a cash token or cryptocurrency that offers provides scalability and security to communications and transactions between clients and customers. bitcci offers its employees a holistic and never-ending set of opportunities, combining cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and winning strategies.

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