CleanCarbon Project


Inefficient disposal of waste in large volumes chokes landfills and water bodies and also cause damage to human health and the environment. Most countries do not have adequate infrastructure and technology required for efficient solid waste treatment. 

However, much of this waste, retains value and can be recycled and reused. Significant amount of waste can produce energy that replaces expensive fuels. In recent years, R&D efforts have resulted in many waste treatment solutions that generate energy from landfill-bound waste. 

Waste-to-energy companies bring innovative technologies aimed at addressing waste while ensuring better sustenance of the environment and minimum damage to the natural ecosystem.  

The CleanCarbon project is not only one such project but it also plans to unleash the full potential of blockchain technology. it was born to address fundamental issues that companies and governments face while tackling pollution and restoring energy from waste products. 

How does CARBO resilience work?

How does CARBO resilience work? - Infographic

Crypto markets move in cycles. Every bull run is followed by significant price corrections, like the one we are seeing now, or even a crypto winter that can last for months or years. CleanCarbon wants to be independent of the crypto cycles, and therefore CARBO tokens have been created from the ground up, so it is utterly immune to the changing market conditions.

CARBO token is only paired up with the BUSD for its Buy and Sell orders, either on PancekeSwap or future CEXs. This way, price changes of any cryptocurrencies should not affect the price of CARBO. Even significant price drops of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH or BNB should have minimal impact on the value of CARBO.

The smart contracts of CleanCarbon send staking rewards to the users only in BUSD and native CARBO tokens. Therefore, there is no need to deal with any other cryptocurrencies, thereby eliminating the need for price dependencies.

CARBO has implemented the tools to ensure the price will be protected against unforeseen events. They include regular buybacks by the CARBO treasury that will drive prices up at strategic moments.

CARBO Pre-Sale

The exact date for the global pre-sale of CARBO tokens will be announced soon. Users who wish to participate in the global pre-sale need to whitelist their BEP20 address through the CleanCarbon website

The initial price during the pre-sale will also be announced and only BNB will be accepted. The hard limit of maximum allowed purchase per user is 50 BNB to ensure financial whales and bots cannot purchase too many CARBO tokens. 

Each user is allowed to whitelist only one BEP20 address. CleanCarbon reserves the right to perform additional verification to rule out cheating. People who add multiple addresses will lose the right to participate in the global pre-sale. 

Additional Funding

The Reserve for Investments (RIC) is one of the main incentives of the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime. The RIC is a tax advantage for companies and individuals located in the Canary Islands that enables reductions on direct taxation of up to 90% of the profits.

This creates tremendous opportunities for local companies to invest in the CleanCarbon project. Besides, larger companies in Fuerteventura such as hotels and resorts are actively searching for RIC opportunities, as this type of investment can be directly deducted from their paid taxes. The funds obtained from RIC investments will be used to speed up the expansion of the project. 

In addition, Europe aims to be the first climate-neutral continent by becoming a modern resource-efficient economy. As a result, they plan to reduce net greenhouse emission by at least 55% by 2030 and achieve zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.

The European Union (EU) has also introduced limits for the amount of waste that can be sent to landfills to the necessary minimum by creating financial incentives for companies to find other and more sustainable solutions. 

Evidently, projects such the CleanCarbon, are directly aligned with the EU vision, and should ideally receive various forms of support. The CleanCarbon project is also entitled to receive additional funds through EU subventions.

Based on CleanCarbon’s own extensive research, it believes the project should receive a grant of up to 80% of its initial investment capital. These extra funds will help it expand much faster, further benefitting the whole token economy, and every investor involved in the project. With the help of its dedicated subvention partner, CleanCarbon is already preparing all relevant documents to apply for the EU funds. 

Apart from the additional funding sources mentioned above, the Spanish branch of the CleanCarbon project is also backed by a venture capital (VC) investor, who has offered to help finance the project if extra funds are needed after the CARBO pre-sale. 

If the pre-sale goes as planned, these extra VC funds will first be used to construct the research and development (R&D) facility, where a smaller T6 unit will be placed and later, to speed up the expansion rate.

Use of Treasury Funds

Part of the funds collected during the pre-sale and a small chunk of the fees from every transaction will be kept as the CleanCarbon treasury fund. The purpose of the treasury is to ensure the team has enough funds to grow the project indefinitely and have additional ways to boost CARBO prices.

Around 30% of the treasury will be invested in start-ups at their early stages. They will typically be gems with enormous profit potentials. Each project will be thoroughly researched and only the best ones and those aligned with the company’s vision will get the attention of the CleanCarbon treasury fund. The CleanCarbon community can also suggest new and exciting projects. This part of the funds will basically be invested in high risk ventures in anticipation for large profits.  

Another 30% of the treasury will be used in crypto trading. This will primarily consist of buying the dips of major cryptocurrencies and cashing out the profits when they reach 10%-20%. CleanCarbon will repeat the same process each time the favourable market conditions present themselves. This portion of the treasury will be invested in medium risk activities with the objective of obtaining medium profits. 

The balance 40% of the treasury funds will be used in staking of stablecoins and also liquidity pools. Some of those funds will be used in various staking platforms to generate steady passive income in the years to come.

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Regulatory Compliance

The CleanCarbon project already has the legal framework in place to ensure full compliance with the local and other relevant regulations. For the purpose, the project consists of two legal entities for better compliance. 

The CleanCarbon FZCO is registered in Dubai in the Digital Silicon Oasis Zone. The company is licensed to offer IT-related and blockchain services. It has been founded with an initial capital of $200,000, so that it does not need to rely solely on CARBO tokens and its investors.

The second company is CleanCarbon Solutions SL, which is registered in Fuerteventura, Spain. It is responsible for the project’s physical installations. The first installation will be in Fuerteventura, followed by the other Canary Islands and later beyond. 


The roadmap of the CleanCarbon project actually began in the third quarter of 2021, when the initial market research, validation of the business model, talks with the local government, core team formation, creation of the marketing strategy, core team formation including the first strategic partners were done. The CleanCarbon brand was also created during this period along with the establishment of a 10-year vision for the company.

Much progress has been made in the subsequent quarters and the official launch of CleanCarbon happened in the first quarter of 2022. The smart contract was deployed and audited during the first quarter of 2022, along with the first physical CARBO utility. 

It was also during this period when CleanCarbon applied for EU subventions, sought government project approval and established local partnerships, among other developments. Much of the work that started during the first quarter of 2022, are still in progress. 

The second quarter of 2022 is expected to start with the global pre-sale of CARBO tokens and its subsequent listing. During the same phase, the CleanCarbon platform will be launched, along with the first burning events. The creation of the CARBO treasury will witness the start of the Buyback programme. The land for the physical installation will also be purchased during this period and the construction of the pilot project will begin once the construction licence is obtained.

The third quarter of 2022 will see the development of new utilities for CARBO tokens, arrival of extra funding from the EU subventions, massive global marketing, creation of community voting platform, and the first charities donation. The testing of the pilot project will also happen during this period along with the first RIC offers and listing of CARBO on the next CEX.

The pilot project of CleanCarbon will be fully operational in the last quarter of 2022, when there will be new utility for CARBO tokens, large-scale charity donations and more global strategic partnerships.


There are many business models related to waste-to-energy that are being explored in various parts of the world. CleanCarbon plans to implement new ideas into old business models, spark innovation, and speed up the transitions towards a cleaner Earth.

The CleanCarbon solution connects the new model of DeFi financial incentives with physical installations of the next-generation waste-to-energy systems. The company believes that blockchain can and should offer more than just software solutions and financial incentives programmed into smart contracts.

Implementation of this type of business model is set to bring significant benefits to the project and everyone involved, both in the short term as well in the long term.

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