CleanCarbon Is Using DeFi To Clean Up The Planet

CleanCarbon Is Using DeFi, the first asset-backed and community-driven blockchain project, is cleaning the planet through Decentralised Finance as a vehicle to accomplish environmental goals faster and more effectively.

CleanCarbon is providing solutions that connect two worlds; the new model of DeFi financial incentives and the physical installation of the next gen Waste-To-Energy systems. The project centres around the Waste-to-Energy UHTG (ultra-high temperature gasification), treating almost any type of waste as long as it contains some organic product and the right amount of moisture. The project has already begun with an R&D facility and the pilot project on the Canary Islands. Once this phase is completed, the CleanCarbon team plans to expand to other plants around the world.

The CleanCarbon team explains:

“We believe that new, emerging technologies are the missing pieces to create sustainable, long-term solutions and raise much-needed global awareness.”

At the heart of the project is the CARBO token, serving numerous utilities including financing the installation process for the project. The token will also be used to create a global, community-driven investor and allow the community to take part in the decision-making process. Token holders also get to earn passive income while monitoring the project’s installation data through dApp sensors. The project will use the token to build incentives for local communities and a payment method for their contractors.

Notably, after the first Waste-To-Energy installation and in operations, a part of the generated profits will be used to buy back tokens, which will then be burned to boost $CARBO prices. In addition, the project will have various revenue streams from the CleanCarbon installations, including the production and use of hydrogen from the syngas, waste disposal, black carbon production, lactic acid, and hydrogen car rental.

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