Nunu Sanctuary Introduced by Nunu Spirits , Players' Home Base

Nunu Spirits, a decentralised play to earn gaming platform with an ecological action, allows users to plant trees in the real world by playing a game through its Nunu Sanctuary. 

Nunu Sanctuary is one of the basic features at the heart of the project. Nunu Sanctuary is a home base that grows with a player through their journey on the platform. By design Nunu Sanctuary allows users to view and upgrade their Nunu NFTs. The feature also enables users to choose which mini-game they want to play next, select events, missions, and change or trade Nunu with other players. 

Notably, within the Sanctuary lives a unique set of characters that provide users with guidance and access to many features. The characters have specific functions in the Sanctuary and will introduce themselves to the players once they interact with them. 

Following the Beta stage, set for the third quarter of 2022, users will be able to customise their Sanctuary with collected loot or by purchasing cosmetics in the Nunu Marketplace.  Once fully launched, the Nunu Sanctuary will be the place where Elders take root and new Seedlings sprout. 

During the Alpha release, the Sanctuary will feature a Researcher, an Adventurer, a Wizard, a Shaman, and a Merchant. The Researcher helps players select their mini-games and serves as the main ‘tech guy’,  while the Adventurer and the Wizard walk players through the details of rewards. The Shaman walks the player through tree planting, and the Merchant explains how the marketplace works. 

Founded on three pillars: a fun game, a collectable NFT, and ecological action, Nunu Spirit seeks to create a better environment by combining fun and blockchain technologies.

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