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EOS-Privacy Coins Are They The Future of Crypto’s

Privacy Coins Are They The Future of Cryptos

Hi Crypto Network, I have received numerous messages with feedback from my followers and members within the Platinum cryptocurrency community that has provided me with outstanding input on how to make my blogs better! If you’re an avid crypto investor or trader and keep up to date with the crypto market, you’ll no doubt have seen that over the last few months there has been a lot of news on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Markets

top altcoins-Which Crypto Altcoin to buy Next

TOP Altcoins you need in your Portfolio

Cryptocurrency, in general, is starting to rise again, going closer to where it used to be in terms of price. Fellow hodlers and traders can finally rejoice again! Thank you again for your kind words and comments on our previous article on Banks and the blockchain, I truly believe the market is shifting and when you see HSBC, Santander, UBS, and the Bank of China making strong positive strides, this is a great indicator. Today,

blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology is taking over the Banking Sector!

Good Morning Platinum Crypto Traders, Thanks a lot for your consistent support that we are getting from our blog readers and we hope we will get a good response on today’s Blockchain Technology blog and we are able to answer all your questions with in-depth explanations. If you have any technical questions with regards to Blockchain Technology or our courses or portfolio management services or even our views on the cryptocurrency market, please feel free to

trade altcoin - How To Trade Altcoins - 70%+ Gains on EOS and TRON

How To Trade Altcoin – 70%+ Gains on EOS and TRON

Hi Traders, Coming off the back of a phenomenal week in the crypto world. I wanted to spend some time discussing how to trade altcoin, EOS and Tron, two of the biggest % gains of last week. SO WHAT IS GOING ON WITH EOS AND TRON? EOS is currently selling for $18.83, which puts the altcoin up 62% in the past 7 days. EOS is currently sitting at $15.5 Billion and number 5 in market capitalisation. EOS

Cryptocurrency Market-How To Know When To Take Profits from Crypto


Hi Crypto Network, With Bitcoin (BTC) on the cusp of $9,000, and Ethereum (ETH) over $634, the cryptocurrency market continues to climb. BTC is currently trading at around $8,892, having broken $9,000 last week. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin dominance is around 38.4%, down from a monthly high of around 44%.  One question that I keep hearing is “when do I cash out and take profits from cryptocurrency market?” Today’s Crypto Beginners blog addresses this very

Initial Coin Offering - What to look for?

Guide To Initial Coin Offering And What To Look For!

Good morning Platinum Crypto Network, Today’s article is focusing on something which I think will help all our followers at any level of experience. But before we get into today’s topic I wanted to invite the network to an exclusive session with myself to discuss how you can make significant crypto profits in 2018! Today’s article is a guide to Initial Coin Offering. With over 170 ICOs and over $5.9 billion raised between the new year

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin cash: What is the difference and how to profit

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: Which one to invest in?

Hi Traders, If you’ve been looking at cryptocurrencies as a potential addition to your portfolio, then you’ve probably heard of bitcoin and might even have a vague idea that other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash exist. We have seen huge swings in the market generating massive profits for investors and traders, so I wanted to share with you one of the biggest and most talked about discussed in the media at the moment. Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin

best cryptocurrency exchanges

Which Is The Best Crypto Currency Exchanges?

Good Morning Crypto Traders, Over the past week, we’ve seen the total Crypto Market Cap slip a bit, though Bitcoin Dominance has had a steady rise. While most coins have seen a decline, some have bucked the trend, and have increased comfortably over the past 7 days. A lot of these coins aren’t available on some of the mainstream exchanges, emphasis on some. Let’s take an in-depth look at what each of the biggest exchanges
How to Profit from the Blockchain?

How to Profit from the Blockchain?

On Sunday evening, Platinum Crypto Elite Traders would have smashed the ball out of the park. As always our Analysts are ready to take advantage of the Crypto Markets on Open. We sent buy signals to our entire Network.